How to download Assetto Corsa mods

There's a huge scope for modding on PC with Assetto Corsa, but it might all be a little daunting for beginners.

Here, we're going to show you how and where to download mods for Assetto Corsa, since we've already explained how to install them.

Where to download mods for Assetto Corsa?

There’s plenty of websites out there where you can download mods for Assetto Corsa.

However, with all things you download from the internet, you must be careful. That's why we'd only recommend reputable websites, such as the Race Department website, which has a wide selection of mods and they can be sorted by type: Career, Sounds, Apps, Cars, Tracks, Misc and Skins.

Generally, we'd say stick to that, although there's plenty of good bits to found over on, too.

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How to download mods for Assetto Corsa?

First, to extract the zip files from a website like Racing Department and place them into the content folder of Assetto Corsa, you're going to want to download a tool to handle compression formats, such a WinRAR.

With that installed, it's time to choose your mod and hit download! To download from Racing Department, you must first create an account and log in. When you download the mod, it can usually be found in the default Downloads location - if you're using Windows 10.

From there, extract the folder in the zip file and simply drag and drop into the content folder or your Content Manager app - against, see the install guide for further info.

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