Codemasters could be teasing Portimao's arrival in F1 2021

Ever since F1 2021 arrived in mid-July one question has dominated the mind of every fan. When are the new tracks arriving??

Promised as a free post-launch Tracks DLC, Portimao, Imola, and Jeddah will turn up in F1 2021 at some point, giving players a trio of brand new tracks to pound around and create custom championships with.

The day of arrival maybe sooner than we think, as it looks like Codemasters is teasing us on the arrival of Portimao in particular.

Code Masters

There's been no official announcement about when fans can expect the new tracks to arrive. Given the complexity of creating the tracks and training up the AI on them, we assumed it may be some way away. Perhaps Codemasters is aiming to get them to us before the December running of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. But now it looks like at least one may be coming sooner than that.

Tweets over the last two days seem to be laying out a code for us...

Codemasters tease Portimao
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P... O... Surely not? Two days in a row, with one replying to the first, the official Formula 1 Game Twitter account has highlighted P and then O in a tweet.

If this carries on tomorrow with R we will be onto something. The word Portimao would take us through next Monday, the day patches usually hit the F1 game too...

It could all be coming together for a release far sooner than anyone thought!

Stay calm

Of course, none of this is confirmation that all three tracks are imminently arriving. It could just be that Portimao is finished and as a goodwill gesture to players it will be released straight away and the others will come in time.

That frankly will be amazing, and we would be straight out onto the Algarve track to put laps in.

This could all be wishful thinking. We could just be reading too much into some innocuous tweets. Or the team at Codemasters is actually about to drop at least one new track on all of us. We hope it's the latter.

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