F1 2021 Driver Ratings: Hamilton, Verstappen, Tsunoda & more!

The Formula One season has kicked off again, and it started with an awesome race at Bahrain.

There were some controversial decisions according to many, and we got our first taste of how the season may pan out.

With F1 2021 also releasing this year, let's take a look at how we think the F1 2021 Driver Ratings will play out, including the newly announced icons!

F1 2021 Icons

The latest icons have been announced for F1 2021, and they really are some of the best drivers to ever grace the sport.

F1 2021 Delux Edition 3
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Jenson Button boasts a rating of 90, with David Coulthard an 87, Felipe Massa a close 89, and Nico Rosberg an 89.

Two legends in Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher boast impressive ratings of 94, and Alain Prost is close behind with a rating of 93.

The Front Runners

Undoubtedly, from the race at Bahrain, it's easy to see that Verstappen and Hamilton are going to be our title contenders.

f1 2020 hamilton
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RACE FOR THE FRONT: We can't wait to see what happens this season!

Hamilton currently sits as a 93 rated driver with Verstappen sitting just behind as a 92.

Following Bahrain's race, we wouldn't be surprised to see both drivers kick off the game as equals on 92 or 91. Both drivers showed pace in the race, and we're excited to see how the championship plays out.

The Rookies

Without a doubt, the outstanding performance from Sunday was Tsunoda, the Alpha Tauri rookie, who managed a ninth position after qualifying 13th.

F2 Tsunoda
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NO MORE CARLIN: Tsunoda won't be in a Carling in F1 2021!

Another rookie who achieved the opposite unfortunately was Mazepin, who span out in the Haas after qualifying nearly 1 second off of Mick in 19th.

The season is young of course, but this may be a reflection of how the season will continue. Both drivers have little experience, which will of course affect their rating.

We predict both drivers starting somewhere in the 70's with Tsunoda on a 78 and Mazepin on a 70.

The old timers

Vettel and Raikkonen are two of the most experienced drivers on the grid, and both have spent a while out of the front of the grid.

Alfa romeo livery
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BACK AGAIN: Kimi is racing in the Alfa once more!

Vettel unfortunately qualified 18th and Raikkonen in 14th, with Vettel in the Aston Martin and Kimi returning in the Alfa.

Without a doubt, Vettel's rating will fall, as F1 2020 currently puts him as an 80 rated driver. We wouldn't be surprised to see these drivers fall to a high 70 if these results continue, with Raikkonen a 79 and Vettel a 78.

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