F1 2021 Update: New patch brings stability fix

Codemasters has dropped a new F1 2021 update.

This one is designed specifically to improve the game's stability.

F1 2021 Update

Patch 1.15.843175 (what a catchy name!) has been released by Codemasters to address the stability of the F1 game since its last update.

Ferrari f1 2021 game
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While we haven't experienced any instability in the game at RacingGames HQ, the community across social media has been flooded with screenshots of crashes and errors.

The patch notes very simply state:

  • Improvements to PC stability

That's it.

Additional troubleshooting

Codemasters does provide some added detail.

They've given some extra troubleshooting advice for players if they still experience stability issues on PC. They are as follows:

  • Delete the contents of xxx\Documents\my games\F1 2021\hardwaresettings before loading into the game
  • Verify integrity of game cache
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
F1 2021 Mexico City Mexican GP
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Hopefully that helps!

F1 2022

While not yet officially announced, we know that F1 2022 is coming. With teams now unveiling their cars for the upcoming season, Codemasters is surely hard at work bringing the new regulations to the next game.

Fans should expect F1 2022 to arrive around mid-July, as Codemasters has made that period the home of F1 for a few years now.

My Team and Career Mode should make triumphant returns to the title, but it is likely that Braking Point or any story mode will take a year off, as we have seen Codemasters skip a year from the 2019 feeder series story to the full narrative of F1 2021.

As always, we will have all the news and updates around F1 2022 when they become available to make sure to follow us across social media!






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