F1 Manager 2022: Best Race Engineers you can hire

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The game is finally here and you need staff, these are the F1 Manager 2022 best Race Engineers!

Race Engineers are crucial points of contact for the driver when they are out on track, and a good relationship between the two is vital even for the best drivers. But in F1 Manager 2022 they do much more than just talk to the driver.

So who are the best Race Engineers to hire? Let's find out!

Race Engineers

Frontier has created an impressively deep version of the Formula 1 world, and each Race Engineer comes armed with three attributes that go toward their overall rating. These are:

  • PIT CREW MANAGEMENT - The ability to effectively communicate with and prepare the pit crew during a race. A higher rating means faster pitstops for the Race Engineer's paired driver.
  • COMMUNICATION - The ability to communicate clearly and effectively. A higher rating means faster affinity growth between the Race Engineer and their paired driver.
  • FEEDBACK - The ability to give and understand feedback on the car's setup during practice sessions. A higher rating means quicker feedback on improving the car setup during practice.

As you can see, these are fairly detailed. However, there are only two of the three that you should really care about.

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Communication, as good as it sounds, is much less important. Pit crew management speaks for itself as it will get you faster stops, and who doesn't want that?!

Feedback speeds up the setup creation process which is vital to dialing in a great setup as we explain in our F1 Manager 2022 setup guide.

As a result, overall isn't the best way to get a sense of the best Race Engineers. To do that you need their attributes, which we have gathered for you.

These are the F1 Manager 2022 best Race Engineers in the game!


Gianpiero Lambiase

Team: Red Bull Racing

Overall: 84

F1 fans around the world know GP. He's the cool voice in Max Verstappen's ear keeping everything calm as Max inevitably gets riled up with a problem or bored because he's driven away from the competition.

F1 Manager 2022 race engineers GP
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Again, he will be nearly impossible to hire away from Red Bull, but he has the best Pit Crew Management (90) in the game so it's worth a shot!

Peter Bonnington

Team: Mercedes-AMG Petronas

Overall: 93

It's s bit of s surprise that Bono isn't at #1. As Lewis Hamilton's Race Engineer at Mercedes has been a crucial part of the success the Brackley-based team has had over the past few years.

F1 Manager 2022 race engineers peter bonnington
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It will be incredibly hard to pry him away from Mercedes, but if you are starting as the Silver Arrows never let him go!

Hugh Bird

Team: Red Bull Racing

Overall: 80

If you are starting as Red Bull you've really got it easy with the Race Engineer position!

F1 Manager 2022 race engineers Hugh Bird
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Hugh Bird is less well-known than Bono and GP, but he's a crucial cog in the Red Bull machine and thanks to his game-best 97 Feedback well worth the attempt to hire.

Riccardo Musconi

Team: Mercedes-AMG Petronas

Overall: 90

The other Mercedes Race Engineer is next!

F1 Manager 2022 Riccardo Musconi
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Riccardo Musconi has a new pairing with George Russell at the start of F1 Manager 2022, so his low affinity and single year left on his contract might make him more open to a move.

Xavier Marcos Padros

Team: Ferrari

Overall: 83

Next up is Charles Leclerc's Race Engineer at Ferrari.

F1 Manager 2022 Xavier Marcos Padros
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Xavier Marcos Padros brings excellent Feedback (92) and thankfully leaves the Ferrari strategists behind if you can get him away from the Scuderia!

The F1 Manager 2022 best Race Engineers

Here is the full list of the very best Race Engineers in F1 Manager 2022!

Race Engineer Team Pit Crew Management Communication Feedback Overall
Gianpiero LambiaseRed Bull Racing90709284
Peter BonningtonMercedes-AMG Petronas83999693
Hugh BirdRed Bull Racing86569780
Riccardo MusconiMercedes-AMG Petronas83969290
Xavier Marcos PadrosFerrari80789283
Pierre HamelinAlphaTauri81648878
Josh PeckettAlpine81568775
Riccardo AdamiFerrari82888585
Christopher HayesMcLaren82708479
Karel LoosAlpine81648577
Ben MichellAston Martin86927484
Jason PriorMcLaren76768579
Pedro MatosFree Agent79448067
Mario GargiuloFree Agent79448072
Chris CroninAston Martin81827880

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