Forza Horizon 5 developers address community outcry with updates

Forza Horizon 5 players will be all too aware of the issues the game has suffered from since launch. Finally, we've heard from the Playground Games team to express their views on the multiplayer problems and the feelings of the community.

Community frustration grows

A few days ago, prominent Forza personality Don Joewon Song issued a series of tweets decrying the present state of the game. It was a notable moment. For such a highly regarded Youtuber to address the frustrations so directly caused a stir.

We've also written at length regarding problems with Forza Horizon 5. Whether it's the empty "Horizon Life" online freeroam or the frustrating state of multiplayer racing, we've not been alone in raising the concerns of players. Finally, we've heard something from the developers regarding the online aspects of the game.

Playground Games release statement

The statement from Playground Games appears to be a point-by-point response to the Don Joewon Song tweet thread. They address the convoys, the Horizon Arcade, the Eliminator, Horizon Open, Rivals leaderboards and the Event Lab creation tools. The overall emphasis is clear.

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Online play in Forza Horizon 5 often comes to a screeching halt

The language used makes this very much a Mea Culpa statement. "We understand it's been frustrating," and "We hear you and we understand how you feel," they say. The point is to make it clear that they listen to the strength of feeling within the Forza community.

They go on to address specific concerns, discussing the leaderboards and the EventLab in particular. You can read the full statement from Playground Games here.

Update released to tackle the major issues

An update has been released which resolves many of these problems, though the developers acknowledge it does not fix every known issue with the game.

Convoys, exploits, Horizon Open, and Accolades are the major targets of the latest fix. There's more information about the update here.

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