Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Update: Series rewards revealed, Horizon Rush Takeover, & new cars!

As we head into springtime in real life, what's in store for Forza Horizon 5?

Well, there's a lot to unpack in this Series 5 update, so let's see what's coming to Mexico this month!

Horizon Rush Takeover

Playground Games has made a theme for the early Series of Forza Horizon 5. Series 4 saw the Horizon World Cup play out across the four weeks of the Series, and now it's time for something new.

That is the Horizon Rush Takeover. Horizon Rush is the festival location that focuses on PR Stunts, Speed Traps, and Danger Signs, so March looks like it will be about taking risks and keeping your foot hard to the floor!

There will be a lot of new PR Stunts and dangerous challenges to take on throughout March, most of which will feature in the Festival Playlists and get you some great rewards!

Series 5 rewards

The new Series kicks off on Thursday, March 3, and brings with it a bunch of fresh rewards for players to enjoy.

The Series Progress cars are ones no one will want to miss out on. For 80 points players get the awesome Mini '65 Forza Edition, while for 160 points you get the Porsche 917 LH.

FH5 series 5
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What else is there, well let's take a look at each season!


The first week of Seris 5 will see players have the chance to pull in two amazing cars.

FH5 S5 summer
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At 20 points you get the KTM X-Bow GT4 and at 40 points it's the Pagani Zonda C!

There are also five other cars available for players, including a couple of truly special ones. Completing The Trial will get you the Gymkhana 10 Focus, while crushing the Speed Zone will get you the Hoonigan Group A!

There is also the Aventador '12, #777 Corvette, and the McLaren 720S Spider to be won.


Autumn sees the storms arrive in Mexico, and with it two amazing cars.

The season progress gets you the Toyota 4Runner at 20 points and the unbelievable Ferrari FXX K at 40 points.

FH5 S5 autumn
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You can also get the AMC Gremlin and 888 RTR Mustang in this season.


When winter rolls around you'll be able to get two fairly unique cars.

FH5 S5 winter
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The Noble M600 is yours for 20 points, while the M-B 300SL will need 40 points to unlock.

Elsewhere in the Festival Playlist for winter you can get the Lambo LM 002, Meyers Manx, and Ferrari F355


In the final week of Series 5 you can get a pair of Japanese classics.

FH5 S5 Spring
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20 points will get you the Nissan GTR '20 while 40 points gets you the Honda Civic '84.

You can also win the Subaru WRX '08, Pagani Huayra Forza Edition, and the classic Bugatti T35 C.

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