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Forza Motorsport on Sale With a 33% Discount

A collection of cars parked on a corner of a track in Forza Motorsport. At the front of the pile, an orange super car and a black super car featuring green and white trim.
Credit: Turn 10

Buying new video games is pretty expensive these days, which is a real shame considering just how much you already have to spend on the latest consoles. $69.99 has become pretty much the standard for most new titles, which is why you're better off waiting until the game you're after goes on sale if you can wait just a few months.

Fortunately, that is the exact scenario Forza Motorsport is in right now. A game that usually costs $69.99 is available for just $47, despite only releasing towards the tail-end of 2023. In our view, this makes it one of the best racing game deals around right now, especially if you enjoy track racing and plenty of vehicles to drive.

The Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X cover featuring a yellow super car ahead of a blue car on a track.
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Credit: Turn 10

For anyone unaware, Forza Motorsport is essentially the Xbox equivalent of Gran Turismo, and it revives a name that first debuted in 2005 and was most recently used for Forza Motorsport 7 in 2017.

However, the 2023 edition of Forza Motorsport is great as it brings a whole new look, racing AI, and more than 100 new cars to drive to the franchise. It's an especially great game if you don't enjoy dedicating hours and hours into it to unlock the best car, as credits are handed out in every race, meaning you can fill your garage with some powerful vehicles fairly quickly. You can upgrade your cars using Car Points, although just make sure you use them wisely as they're not so easy to obtain.

Ultimately, if you're a racing fan and seeking out a new game to play on your Xbox, you won't want to miss out on this Forza Motorsport deal.

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