Where is Dunas Blancas?

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There's a new photo challenge to tackle in Forza Horizon 5, but where is Dunas Blancas?

The Series 4 Spring photo challenge of #HighJump asks us to head to this area, but it's not somewhere players usually visit.

Thankfully, we have the answer to where this remote location is!


Where is Dunas Blancas?

The location of Dunas Blancas is not a well-visited one.

There is no major landmark, exciting race, or even many XP boards out there. But this week players will have to visit, so where is it?

Well, the region of Dunas Blancas is located out in the northwest corner of the map. It's out beyond the Horizon Baja Outpost.

FH5 Dunas Blancas
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Once there you'll need to be in a Buggy and grab a snap of yourself in order to complete the Photo Challenge!


Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Spring

The Photo Challenge is just one of a number of tasks to complete on the new Festival Playlist.

There is also a new Treasure Hunt to complete and SEVEN cars to win.

This includes the brand new MG MG3 as well as the incredible Pagani Zonda R.

It's also the last week of Series 4, which means you don't have long to earn more points for your Saleen S7 (100 points) and Koenigsegg Jesko (160 points).