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GT Sport Daily Races 7 March: Starting fresh

Gran Turismo 7 has finally arrived and took the racing world by storm over the weekend. However, there will still be plenty of players looking forward to the GT Sport Daily Races 7 March.

The cycle continues as normal on GT Sport, with Polyphony still supporting the title even after release of the new game.

Table of Contents

So, what are the new Daily Races? Let's see!

Race A

Red Bull Ring - Short Track - 6 laps

The first race takes us to the short version of the Red Bull Ring in a stock Mazda Demi XD Touring '15. This is one of the starting car options for Gran Turismo 7, so maybe they are trying to tempt players across!

Gran Turismo Sport Red Bull Ring 1
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This race is a 12-car grid start with Sports Hard tyres. There is weak slipstream and real off-course traction loss. There's also no fuel consumption or tyre wear for this race.

Race B

Blue Moon Bay Speedway - II - 10 laps

The next race is 10 laps of the tri-oval at Blue Moon Bay in Gr.3 cars. The 16-car grid has a rolling start on the Racing Medium tyres.

gt sport circuit de Sainte Croix
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There is real slipstream and off-course traction loss, along with no fuel consumption or tyre wear.

Race C

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - West - 15 laps

We've got a bit of an endurance race on our hands! The final race of the week is a 15-lapper at Lago Maggiore.

gt sport gr 2
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This race is run in Gr.2 cars on the Racing Hard or Medium tyres. The 20-car field has a rolling start, and there is NO mandatory pitstop. There is also real off-course traction loss and slipstream.

This race has 2x fuel consumption and 7x tyre wear, so even though a pitstop isn't mandatory you might need one anyway!

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