GT7 Daily Races 17 October: Tuning time in Race A

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Monday is here and so is a new trio of Sport Mode races, it's GT7 Daily Races 17 October time!

This week we are heading to Japan, Australia, and America for three great races, including a tuning challenge in Race A and a strategy battle in Race C.


Let's get into it!

Table of Contents

Race A

Tsukuba Circuit - 10 laps

The unranked race this week is 10 laps of Tsukuba in a 493 BHP or less road car.

The only conditions are that your car must weigh at least 1,500kg and be 4WD. The best options so far seems to be the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV '15 and Nissan GT-R NISMO '17.

You will be on the Sports Soft tyre for a grid start (with false start check) so be sure to qualify!

GT7 Daily Races 17 October Race A

Obviously there is no BoP in this race so you can tune however you want, and both DR & SR are unaffected. There is no mechanical damage or pitstops required in this race.

There are light shortcut penalties along with penalties for collisions.

Race B

Mount Panorama - 5 laps

The first ranked race of this week is a Gr.4 blast around the famous Bathurst circuit.

A high-speed BoP will be applied to your Gr.4 car and the 16-car field will use a rolling start so be sure to get a good qualifying lap in.

GT7 Daily Races 17 October Race B

You'll be on the Racing Medium tyre and there is light mechanical damage. There are also light shortcut penalties along with penalties for collisions.

Race C

Laguna Seca - 14 laps

The final race of the week is a great one. This 14-lap, Gr.3, race at Laguna Seca includes a mandatory pitstop and some high tyre wear!

You'll need to use both the Racing Hard and Medium tyre, and a low-speed BoP is applied to your favourite Gr.3 car.

gt7 daily races 17 october race c

There is 3x fuel consumption and 9x tyre wear along with a rolling start for the 16-car field.

There is light mechanical damage along with light shortcut penalties and penalties for collisions and pit lane line cutting.

New update

A new content update has been teased for this week!

Update 1.25 is expected to arrive on Thursday, 20 October and will bring four new cars to the game.

As always, we hope this update will include a new track and fresh events for players to take on as there isn't much going on in GT7 at the moment.