GTA Online Los Santos Tuners: Make money QUICK with contracts!

The Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online has many people jumping back onto the game to experience the title.

However, much of the content comes at a price, and a rather high one at that if you're looking to buy one of the new cars for example.

Here's how you can complete these new contracts to earn some quick cash, now!

New contracts

The latest update added a number of new contracts to the game, which are similar to heists, just smaller in size and with a smaller reward.

LS Tuners contract
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These are robbery contracts, and each of them requires you to steal something... I guess it's kind of in the name?

One of the requirements is to set up certain elements of the Los Santos Tuners update. You'll need your auto shop set up, and don't forget to grab that $50,000 LS Car Meets membership!


The contracts are all relatively simple once you've done your first run through. The most difficult part will likely be the limited lives that you're provided with in the final part.

GTA Auto Locations
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AUTO SHOP: Make sure your shop is set up and ready to go!

However, don't panic too much, as if you fail you can take off again from where you left off with your lives intact.

This makes repeating the contracts relatively simple, and also means that you can rinse and repeat for as much cash as you want!

Need to know

For the final part of these contracts you'll need to use a vehicle included in the Los Santos Tuners update itself. As such, there is a pretty significant initial cost, as these cars aren't cheap!

You can do these contracts as many times as you wish, and with each of them bagging you nearly $200k, we'd recommend doing so.

Finally, make sure to do some homework. It doesn't hurt to watch a guide or two initially on YouTube to ensure you know what to do ahead of time. Or, if you're looking for that true sight unseen experience, jump straight in and blast away!

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