Nintendo has the perfect window to remaster Mario Kart 64 in 2021

Everybody loves Mario Kart, it's a game never fails to entertain players. This year marks 25 years since Mario Kart 64 was released in Japan on the Nintendo 64.

We think that now is the best time to release a remastered version of MK64 and here's why!

Why now is the perfect time

2020 was a huge year for Nintendo remasters, as the Super Mario franchise celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars was released for the Switch and contained updated versions of Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.

Super Mario 3D All Stars Sunshine Switch
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LET THE SUNSHINE: SM Sunshine was one of 3 classic Mario titles to get a remaster

2021 is also set to see Super Mario 3D World remastered be released for the Switch. There is one glaring omission to these remasters though, Mario Kart.

While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an undoubted success, (it recently became the best-selling MK ever) it has been four years since it was released.

Without a new Nintendo console set for release, it'll be several more years before the next new MK instalment comes out. So, there's no better time to remaster a classic to fill the void!

Plus, as people are spending so much time indoors these days, this is a great way to interact and socialise with friends.

What makes MK64 special

Mario Kart 64 may not be the first Mario Kart title, (that honour belongs to Super Mario Kart on the SNES) it is the first that was made in 3D.

While some mechanics of the game haven't aged well, it's core gameplay remains fantastic.

Mario Kart 64 screenshot 2
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CLASSIC: MK64 is always a blast, no matter what console generation you grew up in

More than anything else, MK64 is fun, just like every MK. MK64 is arguably the most fun the series has produced, thanks in part to its simplicity.

Modern Mario Kart games are great, but there's something so enticing about the way MK64 is constructed that makes it entertaining. You don't need a million different characters or power ups to make a great game.

Nintendo would have to update the textures and graphics to full HD for this remaster. This shouldn't be too hard, seeing as circuits like Yoshi Valley are already on 8 Deluxe.

What Nintendo shouldn't do though is make it Mario Kart Switch but with all N64 tracks. It's important to keep the original style of gameplay intact, even if getting fished out of water takes an agonisingly long time.

Speaking of tracks, MK64 has some of the best in the series. Luigi Raceway, Kalimari Desert and Koopa Troopa Beach are all fantastic to race around, whether against the AI or your friends in multiplayer.

A lot of these tracks have appeared as "retro circuits" in later MK titles. Some haven't been seen since the N64 days, so it would be great to see them in HD at long last.

Multiplayer madness

It can be frustrating racing against the AI in MK64, but what never gets old is the fights against your friends.

Mario Kart 64 screenshot
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IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT... MK64 was full of drama and action

Let's set the scene: you're leading the race on the final lap and you're well clear of second place. You smash an item box on the final straight, you want to be sure of victory.

Then, suddenly, a red shell crashes into the back of your kart flipping over, handing first place to your friend. This kind of drama is so commonplace in MK64, but you can never predict it.

Everybody has a story from playing MK64 and in the days of online multiplayer, everybody will have access to online lobbies.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

We really hope Mario Kart 64 gets the remaster treatment. Nintendo listens to their fanbase, hence why you can literally race Mario Kart around your living room:

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