5 racing games we need on PSVR 2

5 racing games we need on PSVR 2

5 racing games we need on PSVR 2

Virtual reality adds a new layer of immersion and realism to racing games, giving you a better sense of what feels like to drive the world’s fastest cars at the limit. With a 4K resolution, increased field of view, and new haptic feedback controllers, PSVR 2 promises to take virtual-reality gaming to the next level.

With a VR headset strapped to your face, you can look around your car’s detailed cockpit, glance at mirrors to monitor your opponent’s track positions, and get a better sense of speed and scale. With improved visuals and increased interactivity, PSVR 2's cutting-edge technology could revolutionise racing games.

And yet Gran Turismo 7 is the only racing game offering PSVR 2 support at launch. Unlike GT Sport, all of GT7's cars and tracks will be playable in VR. Beyond that, Galaxy Kart is the only other confirmed PSVR 2 racing game coming after launch.

For petrolheads, the lack of PSVR 2 racing games at launch is disappointing. While it GT7 looks incredible in VR, here are five other racing games we want to play on PSVR 2.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione PS5 gameplay
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Assetto Corsa Competizione received a free PS5 upgrade for players who already own the PS4 version. Thanks to the PS5’s extra grunt, ACC runs at 4K resolution and 60fps, bringing Kunos Simulazioni's sublime racing simulation on par with the PC version. Well, not quite.

With an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset, PC players can experience ACC in VR, but Kunos Simultaneous currently has no plans to support PSVR 2. We hope this changes because ACC is the only serious racing simulation on current consoles. PSVR 2 support would add an extra layer of immersion and heighten the realism.

While you can race with a full grid of AI cars, ACC’s graphics and performance suffer in VR, even with a powerful graphics card. If it can run at a smooth frame rate without compromising fidelity, ACC will be essential if it supports PSVR 2 in a future update.

F1 23

F1 22 VR screenshot
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Few of us will ever get to drive a Formula 1 car for real. But VR gives us a taste of what it feels like to be Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen pushing a Formula 1 to the limit at over 200 mph. It’s as close as most of us will ever get to racing in Formula 1.

For the first time in the series’ history, F1 22 is playable in VR, putting you in the driver’s seat. Last year’s F1 game supported a range of PC VR headsets including Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive Pro, and Valve Inex.

F1 23 is Codemasters’ chance to showcase what the PSVR 2 can do. Codemasters hasn’t announced F1 23 yet, but the annual racing franchise is likely to return this summer. Now that Codemasters has experience optimising F1 games for VR, PSVR 2 support could be one of F1 23’s defining new features when it races onto PS5.

WRC 23

WRC 23
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F1 23 isn’t the only new Codemasters racer coming this year with the potential to showcase the PSVR 2’s prowess. While Gran Turismo 7’s dirt tracks can be experienced in VR, it isn’t a fully-fledged rally game. Enter WRC 23.

With KT Racing losing the rights after WRC Generations, Codemasters is rebooting the WRC game series this year with WRC 23. Rumour has it you can build your own car from scratch.

Speeding through special stages and fighting for position in a rallycross race was phenomenal in DIRT Rally’s PSVR mode. Sadly, DIRT Rally 2 never supported PSVR, even though the PC version is playable in VR. WRC 23 could make up for this.

With a rumoured spring release, WRC 23 could be one of the most adrenaline-pumping PSVR 2 games.

GRID Legends

GRID Legends Quest VR
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Despite being one of 2022's best racing games, GRID Legends is criminally underrated. Codemasters' arcade racer delivers thrilling track racing, a wonderful variety of racing disciplines, and an innovative story mode, but was overshadowed by Gran Turismo 7 just one week after it released.

Earlier this year, GRID Legends became Codemasters’ first Quest-native VR title, with support for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. But it's clear that a lot of compromises were made to get GRID Legends running on Quest.

Visual downgrades are expected, but low-resolution textures and jagged edges make GRID Legends one of the worst-looking Quest games.

Graphics aren't everything of course. But with no motion controls or functional mirrors, the Quest port also didn't fully take advantage of VR. With a higher resolution and immersive haptic feedback, a PSVR 2 port wouldn't suffer from these problems.

With the Winter Bash Expansion marking the end of Codemasters' post-launch DLC support, PSVR 2 could give GRID Legends a new lease of life on PS5.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal PS5 reboot
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After a long hiatus, Twisted Metal is rumoured to make a comeback on PS5. Sony’s first-party Firesprite studio is reportedly rebooting the vehicular combat game for a new generation to coincide with the live-action TV show.

Firesprite is no stranger to VR games either. After previously developing PlayRoom VR and The Persistence VR for PSVR, the studio is co-developing Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is shaping up to be a PSVR 2 showpiece.

A recent Firesprite job listing suggests the Twisted Metal reboot will support PSVR 2. This could be a golden opportunity for Sony to show how the PSVR 2 can reinvigorate old game franchises. VR support would make Twisted Metal’s carnage more intense, visceral, and engaging.

You would need a strong stomach, though, as the fast-paced nature of car combat could make some players feel queasy in VR. But if you can handle WipeOut Omega Edition’s dizzying speeds and anti-gravity tracks in VR, you can probably handle a VR version of Twisted Metal.

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