Chocobo GP Trailer: Reveal, gameplay and release date trailers analysis

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Chocobo GP is on the way! It's just under two months to go until the long-awaited reboot of the 90s kart racer hits shelves worldwide. The Final Fantasy spin-off looks absolutely fantastic in the multiple trailers that have been showcased so far.

So, what exactly do we know from Chocobo's trailers? Keep reading to find out!

Latest trailer - Release date revealed

Just before the end of 2021, we finally got confirmation of Chocobo GPs release date. At the end of this trailer released by Nintendo's YouTube channel, the release date was confirmed to be 10th March 2022.

The release date trailer also shows off several game modes, both on and offline. The Story Mode, Series Mode and Time Attack will all be very popular game modes. On the multiplayer front, up to 64 racers will be able to compete in online tournaments to take home the grandest of prizes.

Custom races will also allow for much more unique contests and ones that you can dictate what the conditions of the tournaments will be.

Gameplay trailer

The gameplay trailer gave us three laps of action for Chocobo GP just a few days after the game was announced. This gameplay demo gave us a sneak peek into features such as the drifting, power-ups, and boost mechanics.

Unfortunately, as the game is shown in Japanese, there's a lot such as the track and character names that we can't decipher here. However, what isn't in doubt is how good the game looks and appears to play too.

Reveal trailer

From way back in September 2021, we also have the reveal trailer for Chocobo GP. After waiting over 20 years for a new Chocobo game, the series will get its debut on a Nintendo console this year!

There are a lot of circuits and playable characters that are confirmed in this trailer. Tracks that we see include Cid's Test Track, Zozo, Alexandria and the Gold Saucer. As for the characters, there is Final Fantasy favourites Shiroma, Vivi, and of course, Chocobo himself, will all feature.

We also see a lot of different power-ups as well, such as attacks using fireballs, waterfalls, swords and whirlwinds.

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