CarX Street Mods: How to find, install, which mods we'd like to see, & more

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CarX Street is set to launch later this year and we're already hyped to see its release. The successor to CarX Drift Racing Online looks amazing and a real change in direction for the series.


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CarX Street will launch as a PC exclusive, so that means mods will be available in the game. So, how will we unlock mods and which ones would we like to see? We've got everything you need to know right here!

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How to find mods

Obviously, right now, mods aren't available for CarX Street, as the game hasn't released yet. Mods won't be available en mass for a good few weeks or months after launch day. When they do become available, you'll be able to install them the same way you normally do via the Steam store.

CarX Street screenshot
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THING OF BEAUTY: CarX Street looks incredible

If you go onto CarX Street's Steam Store page, then head over to the Community Hub. From there, you can go to the workshop, where all the mods are located. Choose a mod you want, click on it, and hit the green subscribe button below the thumbnail.

Then, the next time you boot up the game, it will have installed. Sometimes, you may have to activate these mods in-game in the start menu, but this varies depending on the game.

The big advantage of mods is that they're almost always free and the community can do an incredible job of enhancing what was already a great game.

Mods we'd like to see

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the mods that are possible in games like CarX Street. For example, we don't know if we're going to get police in the game, so if it's not included in the base game, we could see it designed by a modder post-release.

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IT'S GOOD, BUT IT COULD BE BETTER: CarX Street will have a lot of mods very quickly after launch

Something else that would be nice to see are different seasons, as the map seems like it's in a hot part of the world. Other mods will likely revolve around new cars, customisation options for the cars like unique liveries and other items.

There are a lot of features we likely haven't heard about in CarX Street that will be included at launch, so we'll see what we think needs to be added via mods later in the year.


Release date and trailer

CarX Street will launch worldwide on 8th September 2022. We've had a little glimpse into the game with the trailer that's linked below: