SnowRunner Season 6 OUT TODAY: Location, patch notes, new vehicles, major update & more!

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The second year of SnowRunner content is now well and truly here, and players are getting stuck into the awesome new content that was provided.

As the calendar ticks over into December though, eyes are beginning to turn to what is next for the awesome outdoor title.


Let's take a look now, and when we think we can expect to play it!

Latest news - Update 16.0 patch notes

Along with the arrival of Season 6, a new update for SnowRunner has landed.

Update 16.0 brings a huge amount of improvement and response to community feedback.

You can see the full patch notes here.

Season 6 release date

We finally know when Season 6 will land in SnowRunner!

azov 42 20 antarctic snowrunner

The Haul & Hustle season will begin on December 7, or December 8 for PS4 America. No specific time of day is given, so keep an eye on your game and check for updates then.

Of course, you'll need the Year 2 Pass to enjoy the new map and challenges that lay ahead. Otherwise you'll have to buy the Season 6 DLC separately.


We now know where the next season of content will be based. We're heading back to the USA to tackle to wilds and snows of Maine!

SnowRunner Season 6 1

We will be trying to establish a forestry base without even basic garage functions like refueling and repairs, to start with anyway!

This will only make the task more difficult, but fortunately we'll have some help!


New vehicles

Two new vehicles will be arriving in Maine to help us get the job done.

The 8x8 Forestry specialist Aramastu Forwarder and the solid 6 wheel off-roader Tayga 56455B will both be vital to completing everything Season 6 has to offer.

Free content update

While the new map and vehicles are behind the Season 6 DLC, there are some free updates coming to the game too.

Photo Mode

Along with the usual bug fixes players will finally be getting Photo Mode.

SnowRunner Season 6 2

This will let players use the free cam and a whole suite of effects to capture their moments of success (or failure) and the vast wilderness of SnowRunner.


Crossplay is finally coming to SnowRunner. Initially between PC and PS4, Xbox One crossplay will be enabled soon after. This will help bring the SnowRunner community together.

Anything else?

There is also a number of new add-ons and vehicle cosmetics that will be free for all. This includes pieces for the top 10 trucks as voted for by the community.


Most people who enjoy SnowRunner choose to purchase the Year Pass. The pass comes in at £20.99, but includes each of the 4 seasons for this year.

SnowRunner Season 6 3

An individual season is advertised as costing £5.79 according to the Nintendo store.

This means the Year 2 Pass is very good value, coming in at around £5.25 per season. Either way, we're excited to find out more about what Season 6 has to offer!