Forza Horizon 5: Horizon World Cup player rewards revealed

Earlier this month, Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 introduced the Horizon World Cup to Mexico. The month-long tournament sees players competing in races representing manufacturers from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA.

Completing Festival Playlist events earn points for each country. Now, Playground Games has revealed some of the Horizon World Cup reward cars - but players aren’t happy.

Horizon World Cup reward cars revealed

Japan is currently leading the Horizon World Cup. If Japan maintains the lead, players will receive the 1996 Nissan GT-R LM as a reward car.

Currently in fifth place, if the US wins players will receive the Shelby Cobra. Playground Games also revealed that the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR will be Germany's reward car.

Playground Games hasn’t revealed the remaining rewards yet. However, the Horizon World Cup splash page appears to show every reward car.

Forza Horizon World Cup reward cars
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Forza Horizon 5 fans are not happy about the Horizon World Cup reward cars

This suggests the Bugatti Divo will be the reward car if France wins, while the Aston Martin Vulcan will be the UK's reward car. If Italy wins, it looks like the Lamborghini Veneno will be the reward car.

  • Japan: 1996 Nissan GT-R LM
  • USA: Shelby Cobra
  • Germany: Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR
  • France: Bugatti Divo
  • UK: Aston Martin Vulcan
  • Italy: Lamborghini Veneno

Fans are not happy with Forza Horizon 5’s World Cup rewards

A lot of fans are not happy about Forza Horizon 5’s World Cup rewards. The problem is that each reward car is already in the game, so they aren't as special as they could be. On Reddit, one fan felt the rewards were "dumb" and a “super low effort.”

Technically, the Nissan GT-R LM reward car is a 1996 model, while the model already in the game is a 1995 model. This car can be purchased in-game for 1.1 million credits.

The most expensive reward cars are the Lamborghini Veneno and Bugatti Divo, each costing three-million credits. Ironically, if Japan wins players will receive the cheapest reward cars if the 1996 model has a similar price as the 1995 model.  

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