Hot Wheels Unleashed kicked off SpongeBob Racing Season

We've seen a lot of odd crossovers in gaming, but perhaps there's been none as bizarre as a Hot Wheels Unleashed SpongeBob crossover!

The amazing arcade racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed is teaming up with everyone's favourite fry cook for a season of racing fun.

SpongeBob Racing Season

Starting TODAY on 20 January and running until 29 March, the SpongeBob Racing Season brings new challenges and a huge number of free and premium content to be unlocked within the Hot Wheels Unleashed game.

There are 6 SpongeBob-themed vehicles to be added to your garage. These are designed after SpongeBob characters, inlcuding SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy Cheeks.

hwu spongebob car
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What else is coming?

There will also be a lot of customization items for your basement as well as player profile. Not to forget there will be plenty of gear and coins for everyone.

To celebrate, Milestone dropped a new trailer to show off the cars you can get and the fun to be had.

So, are you ready kids?

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