Nacon confirms WRC 10 Nintendo Switch release date

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Developed by Kylotonn Studio, WRC 10 landed on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles last September. With its improved driving physics, superb stage designs, and more classic cars to drive, WRC 10 is easily Kylotonn’s best rally game yet.

However, the Nintendo Switch version was delayed. But we now know the WRC 10 Nintendo Switch release date.

WRC 10 Nintendo Switch release date

Publisher Nacon has announced that WRC 10 will land on Nintendo Switch on 17 March, around six months after the original release. The delay isn’t too surprising as WRC 8 and WRC 9 were released later on Switch in November 2019 and March 2021 respectively. Clearly, optimising a realistic rally game like WRC 10 to run on a handheld system isn’t easy, especially as the console lacks analogue inputs for accelerating and braking.

WRC 10 Nintendo Switch packshots
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WRC 10 will be one of the most realistic rally games on Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, no WRC 10 Nintendo Switch screenshots or gameplay footage is available yet. For now, Nacon is only showing the box art for PAL territories. One cover depicts the Toyota Yaris WRC. In other territories, the Ford Fiesta WRC and Hyundai i20 WRC are the cover cars.

However, it’s safe to assume WRC 10 will have some compromises to run on the less powerful Switch hardware. Expect WRC 10 to run at a lower resolution and frame rate on Switch compared to other consoles and PC. These compromises are understandable though, and WRC 10 could still be one of the best-looking driving games on Switch.

It isn’t clear if any content is cut in the Switch version. Nacon has confirmed the career mode allowing you to create your own team and livery editor will return in the Switch version. All 52 teams from the 2021 WRC season are also included.

However, Nacon hasn’t confirmed how many special stages the Switch version has. WRC 10 was packed with content, with over 120 unique special stages and 19 locations. Around 40 new stages were added to WRC 10 along with four new locations: Belgium, Croatia, Estonia and Spain. We’ll have to wait and see if any stages are removed in the Switch version.

Anniversary Mode returns

Anniversary Mode also returns in WRC 10 on Switch. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WRC, Anniversary mode lets you relive some of WRC’s most historic moments since its inception in the 1970s. The 23 special events feature classic stages and rally cars including the Alpine A110,  Audi Quattro, and Lancia Stratos.

WRC 10 screenshot
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WRC 10 features a raft of classic rally cars including the legendary Alpine A110

With V-Rally 4, Rush Rally Origins and art of rally also available on Nintendo’s hybrid console, rally game fans are going to be spoiled for choice. As an officially licensed game, WRC 10 offers a more authentic experience and will be the most realistic rally game on Switch.

When will WRC 11 be announced?

Ironically, WRC 11 could be announced soon after WRC 10 slides onto Switch. Nacon revealed WRC 10 in April 2021, so WRC 11 could be announced in April 2022. This will be Kylotonn’s last WRC game before Codemasters takes over the WRC license. Since it will be based on the 2022 championship, WRC 11 will also feature the new hybrid Rally1 cars including the 2022 Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1.      

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