Are Assetto Corsa Tracks Laser Scanned?

Assetto Corsa has established itself as one of the most realistic racing games. And that leaves players asking, are Assetto Corsa tracks laser scanned? Additionally, In the world of racing games, players seek authentic experiences. And that is exactly what Assetto Corsa brings. Then, you can know what to expect from the tracks in the game.

Are Assetto Corsa Tracks Laser Scanned?

For everyone wondering, Assetto Corsa tracks are indeed laser scanned! Kunos Simulazioni uses laser scanning to bring real life fan-favourite circuits to the game! And as they have stated on their official webpage for Assetto Corsa:

"-all curbs and details perfectly fit their real counterparts to grant a gaming experience as faithful to reality as possible."
Assetto Corsa Barcelona-Catalunya track Laser Scanned
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CIRCUIT DE BARCELONA-CATALUNYA: Laser scanned from the real track in Barcelona, Assetto Corsa replicates this track to perfection with laser scanning.

Assetto Corsa has many tracks, and the effort put into scanning them is admirable! However, not all the tracks in the game are based on real circuits, and others are historical version in the game. As a result, not all tracks in the game have went under laser scanning, because it wasn't an option. Except one racing track (there are also 2 practice ones, Monza 66, and Trento Bondone).

Importance of laser scanning

While to some laser scanning is just a cool feature, to the developers, it's of great importance. Being the developer of one of the most realistic racing games, means there are standarts to meet. For instance, the only real, modern racing track that didn't go under laser scanning, is Zandvoort.

Assetto Corsa Zandvoort
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ZANDVOORT CIRCUIT: The only modern real life racing track in Assetto Corsa that wasn't laser scanned.

Unlike all other modern tracks, Zandvoort did not have laser scanning for the game, as a choice. The developers made the decision not to have it laser scanned, as an experiment. In order to see if people want both kinds of tracks, with and without laser scanning. And they got a lot of mixed opinions! However, it was clear that laser scanning was a favourite amongst the racers.

Track accuracy

Technology has helped racing games simulate tracks with precision. The ability to recreate real life tracks into a game down to every nook and cranny, is astounding. iRacing gives a lot of details on track technology on their website! The process is similar in AC, and so are the results.

HEAD TO HEAD: iRacing and Assetto Corsa track comparison on the same track,



Laser scanning is a big part of racing games in the current day and age. It is of great importance and value, to the players, and to the experience. And Assetto Corsa delivers and pleases all the eyes. And the best is yet to come, knowing that we will be getting Assetto Corsa 2 in the future! For more on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune in again right here, at Racing Games.

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