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V10 R-League: Team strategy playing a crucial role in early stages

Pace is good, but race craft and strategy have proven to be absolutely crucial in V10 R-League so far.

v10 r league strategy tactics

EXCLUSIVE: Romain Grosjean on his recovery, esports, & V10 R-League

The former F1 driver opens up about his road back to racing and the path R8G Esports is taking.

romain grosjean v10 r league


Formula 1 needs to adopt Codemasters’ strict track limits rules

Controversy over track limits has haunted the FIA for years, but the answer is already out there.

f1 track limits game
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Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Maps - News & Leaks

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Black Ops Cold War Season 3 New Weapons

The iconic Ballistic Knife is also making a comeback

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