Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotfix 1.8.11 Update: Pit-lane, track limits, tyres & more bug fixes

It may seem hard to believe, but Assetto Corsa Competizione will turn four years old later this year. Despite this, KUNOS are still providing patches and updates to the newest AC game. ACC is even getting a PlayStation 5 and Series X release later this month.

ACC has also had a new update go live today ahead of its next-gen release. Here's everything you need to know!

Hotfix fixes issues

Hotfix 1.8.11 solves a lot of the bugs which have been plaguing ACC players. For example, the glitch where slow cars entering the pit-lane triggering yellow flags is now gone. So, if you're trying to pull off an overtake in the final corner, you're more likely to be able to complete it now.

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ON THE LIMIT: You won't be incorrectly punished for pushing the limits anymore in ACC

The annoying issue where your car may be reset to a default setup after being restarted outside the track is also gone.

The tyre model has also been refined to be more accurate, as are the track limits in the wet. Also fixed are the incorrect corner exemptions that sometimes appeared with track limits warnings.

You may never have experienced these issues before, but with this update, you never will now.

Full patch notes

We've brought you the highlights, but here are the full patch notes for ACC's 1.8.11 update:

- Fixed a potential issue with cars in pitlane triggering yellow flags- Fixed an issue with Hotlap session resetting setup when being restarted from outside the track- Tyre model fine tuning- Fixed negative toe acceleration issue- Fixed BMW M4 GT4 wet setups 0 wing and ducts- Fixed wet track limits and adjusted thresholds- Revised erroneous corner exemptions with track limit warnings on a number of tracks- Missing minimum driving requirement in team races now results in a SG30 rather than a Disqualification- Fixed potential stutters with font cache reloading.

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