Does Assetto Corsa Have Free Roam?

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It is one of the most well-known racing simulators out there, known for its realism, it's Assetto Corsa. Full of amazing racing venues and a huge selection of cars, AC is a beloved racing title.

However, recent trends are seeing open-world racing come to the fore. Some other of its counterparts such as the Forza Horizon series have created huge worlds for players to explore.


So, is Assetto Corsa free roam? Lets find out!

Does Assetto Corsa have free roam?

We already know that Assetto Corsa is a simulator-based around giving the most authentic racing experience, not necessarily driving experience. In its current state Assetto Corsa is not a free roam title, and developing an open-world game is going to require a lot more effort from the developers. It's a whole new area to discover! While to some it sounds ideal, realistically, it means dividing attention and that might backfire.

AC is focused on Racing, and doesn't have free roam!
HEART OF THE RACE: With eyes focused on racing and keeping track of all that's happening on the track, open world isn't available for Assetto Corsa.

It's certainly a shame that with how mesmerising the game looks, there isn't an open world for you to explore. But we believe that Assetto's choice to dedicate their time to racing, was fruitful. And the reviews for the game on steam reflect that.

Mods allowing Assetto Corsa free roam

Dear racers, we have good and bad news. The good news is playing Assetto Corsa as an open-world game is possible thanks to modding! The bad news is, all you console players will not be able to have this feature. You can find some open world mods from reputable websites! Playing open world is possible, but it's not part of the base game, so it's not the same, but it's an amazing experience still.

Modding is the only way Assetto Corsa can have free roam!
MODDING IT TO LIFE: Open world maps are available to play as downloadable track mods that you can enjoy!

The fact that modding in the Assetto Corsa community has gone as far as to making open work tracks, says a lot. The community is doing some amazing work, and adding all the features they want into the game. This is all backed by solid teamwork displayed in the official modding forums. We've previously seen a lot of unique mods for Assetto, but this one is for sure one of the biggest.

Who knows, maybe we'll have an open world to explore in Assetto Corsa 2! The wait is long, but the hype is real! For more on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune back in right here at Racing Games!