Where to Download Assetto Corsa?

Are you interested in Assetto Corsa? If so, then you might be looking to buy it! But where to download Assetto Corsa from?

The game is available on multiple platforms, both AC and ACC are available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. So getting your hands on the game shouldn't be tedious.

PC Availability

At the time of publishing, you can find Assetto Corsa as well as Assetto Corsa Competizione on steam. Steam is arguably one of the biggest stores for any PC game you want to buy. While prices vary between countries, Steam offers a lot of sales!

Recently, Assetto Corsa was on sale from mid-July to mid-August for $3.99 only. A total steal for such a game. Sadly, the sale is over at the moment, but expect new ones at any given time!

Where to download Assetto Corsa from? Is PC flexibility key?
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PC THE SUPREME PLATFORM?: With only digital versions availaible, but the ability to get your hands on mods with ease, is PC the better platform for AC?

However, on PC, neither version of Assetto Corsa has a physical copy. So you're going to have to get a digital one. Though, some creative members of this community have created their own physical copy just for collection purposes!

Additionally, many players recommend the PC edition of the games. The reason being is that mods really just add a lot to the game.

Console Availability

On consoles, in addition to the digital versions, you can find physical copies. The PlayStation store offers you both AC and ACC, as well as the Microsoft store.

You can find copies online from different retailers, or by buying second-hand copies. We believe that this decision was made based on how console players are more likely to be more casual racers.

As such, having the ability to plug and play is important.

Where to download Assetto Corsa? Is console the way to go?
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CONSOLE EASE OF USE: WIth physical copies, all you console players get the ability, to plug and play easily!

There's plenty of places you can get Assetto Corsa from. They come in different prices usually. We recommend keeping your eye on steam if you're a PC player because sales are frequent.

However, for consoles, getting a physical copy can be cheaper, especially if it's a second-hand copy.

Where to download Assetto Corsa from?

Lastly, we think that the best place to get Assetto Corsa from is depending on you. If you want to get your hand on mods, PC is the way to go, and steam is your go-to.

But if you're more of a casual player, console might be the platform you want to get your copy from. That's all you need to know!

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