The Crew Motorfest: How to turn off CARA AI assistant

The Crew Motorfest how to turn off Cara

The Crew Motorfest how to turn off Cara

AI companions are becoming more and more common in open-world racing titles. The Crew Motorfest is no different, with AI Cara helping the player navigate the world of O’ahu. But can Cara be turned off in The Crew Motorfest?

Whether she’s offering useful tips to complete the game, or setting waypoints to landmarks you don’t want to travel to, Cara is always there in The Crew Motorfest.

How to turn off CARA in The Crew Motorfest

Not everyone likes to have an AI companion in their games. Sometimes they get in the way or don’t stop talking long enough to hear anything else. For The Crew Motorfest, it’s definitely the latter.

The Crew Motorfest how to turn off Cara
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AI companions can be useful, but Cara takes that to a whole new level. Not a minute goes by where she’s not asking you where you want to go or what you want to do. Then there are the ‘suggestions’ Cara makes that are in no way helpful.

Cara is activated by pressing Up on the d-pad, providing quick access to playlists, the music player, and waypoints. She can be closed by pressing Up again, but that doesn't mean she'll stop interrupting gameplay. So can Cara be turned off?

Fortunately, The Crew Motorfest Season 2 finally allows you to turn off CARA. To turn off Cara, you first need to go into the ‘Audio’ section of the options menu.

From here, scroll down until you find the CARA Voiceovers (AI Assistant) section. Here you can change three settings associated with CARA.

The Crew Motorfest how to turn off Cara
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Guidance is the overall advice that CARA gives during events, guiding the player through them. Playlist Introductions are the voice lines that play after you start a playlist and drive to the first location. Extra voice lines are the extra flavour narrations from CARA as you travel around O'ahu or use the rewind function.

All three can be toggled on/off in the new settings, finally allowing you to tailor CARA to your required levels of silence. The existing option to disable CARA coming through your controller speakers is also still available from this menu.

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