The Crew Motorfest Pre-order: Consoles, release date, price & more

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Last week's exciting announcement of The Crew Motorfest has us all excited for when pre-orders go live. For the first time in five years, we have a new The Crew title on the way!

The Crew Motorfest will take us to Hawaii, with a beautiful rendition of O'ahu to explore. Here's everything you need to know about The Crew Motorfest pre-order details.


The Crew Motorfest Pre-order

Pre-orders are now live, but only for PC gamers. Instead of the usual Steam Store, the game will allegedly be only available on Ubisoft's own online store. Pre-orders aren't live for the other consoles.

Crew Motorfest Lamborghini Sian Roadster

As for pre-order bonuses, these aren't confirmed yet. Usually, when a racing game launches, pre-order bonuses can include anything from in-game currency to exclusive cars/modifications.


When it comes to the price, most triple-A titles launch with prices of around £49.99 for PC, with the Xbox/ PlayStation versions going for anywhere between £54.99 and £69.99.


The Crew Motorfest has been confirmed for release on all the systems that you would expect. This includes both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the most powerful home consoles around.

Crew Motorfest Shelby Cobra

As mentioned before, The Crew Motorfest probably won't be coming to Steam, but it will be available on PC via Ubisoft's online store.

The Crew Motorfest will also be available on last-gen systems, with it launching on PS4 and the Xbox One.

Release date

We don't have a specific release date for The Crew Motorfest yet. Ubisoft confirmed via their reveal trailer that the game is due for a release this year, though.

Crew Motorfest Ford Bronco

There is a beta test that gamers will be able to take part in before the full release, though. Players can register for the Insider Program, which will presumably take place a few months before the full release.