Cyberpunk 2077: Good luck if you're looking to run from the police!

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, and people all over the world are absolutely loving it!

However, as with all game launches, it hasn't arrived without its glitches and bugs from day one.

Let's take a look at the latest glitch that will have hopeful cop evaders petrified!

Police Glitch

Firstly, shout-out to Doodles Gaming for bringing this one to our attention, as it certainly has us scratching our heads!

This glitch appears relatively early in the game so far, and is a funny one for sure.

In one cut scene, your character is caught in their car by a gunman.

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STOP RIGHT THERE: The vehicle then appears on the screen again!

Thankfully, we think, the police arrive and put an end to the short-lived "stick-em-up" situation.

However, one particular vehicle arrives in a rather peculiar fashion, as you can see below.

The Police Car

The police car appears to glitch, initially, through a pillar in the front of the screen.

This is where we first see it, as the lights and tyre screeching starts, and something that resembles a vehicle appears.

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FIRST APPEARANCE: The cop car appears to be aiming for... a wall?

Need for Speed fans will have fond memories of police chases, but these seem terrifiyng.

After the car appears to aim for the wall, it then reappears on the right hand side of the screen, siren blasting.

Teleporting Cars

The game is new, so of course we forgive CD Projekt Red for this glitch.

Cyberpunk 2077 Race
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RACING TIME: The game seems to feature street racing...

However, if police cars are capable of this at the moment, then you'd bets hope that you aren't in the firing lane next!

For all we know, they'll be appearing out of the No-Tell Motel along with any of the other cars in the game.

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