British University Sim Racing: What it is, how to watch, where to compete, & more!

I'm a huge fan of university esports, having found my true passion for gaming whilst attending the University of Warwick. In fact, I recently wrote this piece on the awesome esports centre at Warwick!

The university esports scene as a whole is always expanding, and gaining more and more traction now is sim racing.

So, let's take a look at British University Sim Racing now!

What is BUSR?

Well, it's pretty self-explanatory given the name. The BUSR is the official league for sim racing for British Universities, partnered with NSE, National Student Esports.

ACC Neck in Neck
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It gives those with a passion for esports and sim racing an opportunity to compete, potentially for the first time, as well as to hone their skills and meet like-minded people.

With students and alumni from all over the UK competing, there really is an opportunity for everyone to race.

How can I watch it?

For those that don't want to race, but would love to fill their evenings with some more sim-racing action, you can always watch it.

dirt rally 2.0
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The racing is streamed live over on their official Twitch channel, and you can of course keep up to date with the racing on Twitter as well.

There is everything from DiRT 2.0 to F1 2021 and GT3 racing included, so there's something for everyone to watch.

How can I compete?

As aforementioned, the series is for university students and alumni. The official partnership with NSE means that drivers can compete in this to earn BUEC points to help their uni esports society lift the trophy.

F1 2021 Alonso
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Sign-ups are available over on the website for the league, which is here.

Naturally, you can register for whichever event you like across the three games. Following this, it's time to simply wait for your event to arrive. Oh, and of course, get some practice in!

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