F1 2020 Esports: Jarno Opmeer's settings, equipment & more!

Ever wondered how you can really race like the pros? No? Well, we have!

Thankfully, the one and only Jarno Opmeer has us covered with his latest YouTube video.

Let's take a look at how the Alfa Romeo driver himself sets up his rig and his car!

Sim Rig

Jarno's sim-racing rig starts with the legendary Playseat F1 Ultimate Edition. Designed specifically with Formula sim-racing in mind, it's an absolute beast!

Jarno Seat
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BEST OF THE BEST: The Ultimate Edition is ever sim-racers dream!

Next up, Jarno uses the CSL Elite Racing wheelbase. A good wheelbase to use all-round and also mandatory in F1 Esports.

He also has to use Clubsport Steering Wheels F1 Esports for the championship. When not racing in F1 Esports, he uses the Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2.

Jarno has also upgraded this with the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, which is a magnetic shifter upgrade which includes a clutch and one more paddle.

Finally, he uses the BenQ XL2740 monitor. This is a high refresh rate 240 Hz monitor which is 27 inches in diameter.

Fanatec Wheelbase Settings

Jarno has changed a number of his wheelbase settings from the standard.

His sensitivity is at 300, whilst both his force feedback and shock are set to 100.

ABS, Drift Mode, Spring and Damper are all turned off.

Force is set at 120, whilst BRF and FEI have values of 80 and 050 respectively.

F1 2020 Settings

For calibration, Jarno has a pretty normal setup. His throttle deadzone is at 2 whilst the brake deadzone is at 1.

Jarno graphics
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GRAPHICS: Jarno has his graphics settings turned way down1

Vibration and force feedback is on and set to 120. For wheel damper, Jarno uses a value of 12.

For audio, the two main things to point out are that Radio verbosity is on Responses only and the upshift tone is turned off.

In order to maximise the frame rate, Jarno has gone with the age old tactic of just turning every setting to its lowest value.

For the HUD, Jarno has only turned the virtual rear view mirror off and the on-screen display when in cockpit view.

Jarno Camera
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CAMERA: Camera settings are just as important in sim-racing!

Finally, he has set the camera shake and camera movement to 0%.

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