F1 Esports: Mexico's track limits could play big part in title-decider

The final event of the F1 Esports Pro Series is approaching, and one topic seems to be foremost in drivers' minds. Track limits.

The F1 2020 game can be very strict with the borders of the circuit, even negating several of the lines real-life drivers use when they hit the circuit.

With the field so tight on pace, even a two-second time penalty can see a driver go tumbling down the standings.

Mexico, it seems, will have track limits that could define the shape of the title fight that awaits.

Mexico City nightmares

Throughout the build-up to the final event the F1 Esports drivers have been taking to social media to talk about the frustrations of the Mexico circuit.

With a lot of 90-degree corners and several fast sweeps, it's the kind of track that begs for you to cut the apex and take a bit more on exit. But do that and be ready for the virtual stewards to come down on you.

"We have to attack the kerbs a bit more, and drive a bit more off-track." Said Red Bull's Marcel Kiefer when talking about the Mexico track.

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WHEEL-TO-WHEEL: With 3 DRS zones there are plenty of overtaking chances

"Mexico is the hardest for track limits" said Renault's Nicolas Longuet. Who also said that it can turn the race into more of a mental game, with drivers on no warnings attacking or defending from drivers that know the can't put another wheel wrong.

Conversely, championship leader Jarno Opmeer seemed confident that Mexico's issues would favour him. "It's very tricky. I've showed in previous tracks that wherever track limits are tricky I was really good. It might even be a little bit to my advantage."

Nothing, seemingly, can shake the confidence of Alfa Romeo's star man.

Calm & collected

Opmeer has led the stands ever since he claimed victory in the first race of the season. Undoubtedly the star man of the season, and looks set to take his first F1 Esport Drivers' Championship.

He sounded quietly confident in today's press conference but admitted some nerves would likely creep in when qualifying started which was normal. Conversely, Marcel Kiefer has been loudly confident and was keen to get the racing started.

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FORMATION FINISH: Both Alfa and Red Bull have had a 1-2 this year

"We've found some new things ahead of Event 4, which should give us a little bit more consistency." Said Opmeer.

When poor performances have come for Alfa, it's been in qualifying. With Opmeer and teammate Dani Bereznay dropping out in Q1 from time to time. If the pair can consistently be in Q3 this week they can start costing the Red Bull's points and maybe even flip the Teams' Championship their way.

Longer races?

The fourth F1 Esports Pro Series comes to an end this week, and while the 35% races have proven a hit with viewers, drivers want more.

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EYES ON THE PRIZE: The money is on the line for every team this week

Longuet, who has found terrific form this year, said he would like to see the Pro Series expand the number of races and visit more tracks. Kiefer stated that 50% races would provide more strategy and entertainment. We agree on both counts!

How to watch

You can take in all the action of the F1 Esports finale live on 16 & 17 December.

With coverage from 7:30pm GMT on Formula 1’s official  FacebookTwitch, and YouTube channels.

A qualifying show will also air at 3:30pm GMT on both days on the F1 Twitch channel.

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