F1 Esports FINAL: Lucas Blakeley takes it all!

So, after an intense final race in Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit, we have our F1 Esports champion.

Thursday's race saw McLaren Shadow crowned constructors champion. With tremendous performances from Bari Boroumand and Lucas Blakely all season, it was all but guaranteed.

But, Lucas Blakeley emerged as the F1 Esports champion today. Here's how it all unfolded!

A Shock Qualifying

Qualifying was full of upsets. With the track featuring in F1 Esports for the first time in a long time, this wasn't much of a surprise!

YAS MARINA: The action was bound to be close!
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YAS MARINA: The action was bound to be close!

Q1 saw Ronhaar top the timings (this isn't unsurprising of course) but there were some shock names heading out of the session. Marcel Kiefer, Jake Benham, and Brendon Leigh all fell short in the last qualifying of the season.

The second session also saw some surprise names bow out early. Both Jarno Opmeer and Bari Boroumand failed to put in the times necessary to reach the final session of qualifying.

Then, as the cars crossed the line for the final time, the F1 Esports oracle that is George Morgan was proven correct once again as Josh Idowu put in an incredible lap for pole. Ronhaar slotted in second, Rasmussen in third with Blakely filling out the second row in fourth.

This was vital for Blakeley, who needed just a 7th or above finish to win the driver's championship.

Sensational starts

With it all to play for, the drivers took off for the final time. Idowu started well but Ronhaar's car placement and medium tyres heading into the infamous hairpin saw the Dutch driver take first in the first lap. Blakeley stayed out of the action, knowing that 7th secured him the trophy.

PITSTOPS FOR EVERYONE: The drivers headed into the pits!
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PITSTOPS FOR EVERYONE: The drivers headed into the pits!

As the drivers settled in, strategy was the next decider after the inevitable DRS train formed. Ronhaar pitted from first on lap 11, switching from the Medium to the hard tyres.

Over the following laps, the drivers came in in groups, proving that there were in fact multiple strategies at play. Following these stops, Blakely was left with his teammate, mercifully, right behind him.

A Haas masterplan was unveiled a few laps later on Lap 19. With Blakeley behind Stachulec, the Haas plan was obviously to hold Blakeley up. The F1 Esports FLying Scotsman responded with a beautiful move into Turn 5, taking 6th place.

A Worthy Winner

The cars rounded the final corner for the last time on what has been an incredible F1 Esports season, and Lucas Blakeley was crowned champion. Frederik Rasmussen, who took Ronhaar a few laps prior, took the win.

CHAMPION IN SCOTLAND: 4th for Lucas confirms his World Championship!
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CHAMPION IN SCOTLAND: 4th for Lucas confirms his World Championship!

After some incredible performances throughout the season, Lucas of McLaren Shadow proves once again that consistency is everything.

For the second season in a row, Lucas Blakeley makes it to Q3 in every race. And, more impressively, he made it look easy!

With that, the doors closed on another F1 Esports season. A new champion, plenty of upsets, and phenomenal racing... Everyone liked that.

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