You can drive exclusive Ferraris in Assetto Corsa by entering the Ferrari Esports Series 2021

The Ferrari Esports Series makes a return this year following an extremely successful first series last year.

With nearly 20,000 entrants in 2020, hopes are high for a competition that is equally as popular this year.

One of the biggest draws for us isn't just the money can't buy prize for winning (that being, joining the Ferrari Driver Academy Esports Team), but the opportunity to drive some truly awesome exclusive vehicles. Let's take a look now!

A fighting chance

Unlike last year's event, the Ferrari Esports Series 2021 will feature 4 different qualification races. These will take place in 4 different vehicles.

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SURPRISE: We cant wait to drive the 488 GT3 Evo!

In order to snag a place in these races in the first place, you'll have to set a lap time amongst the top 24 laptimes for that car.

If you're successful in doing so, you must then finish top 12 in your race to make your way on to the next round. After this, there's the grand final, where only one driver can be crowned champion!

A Ferrari just for you

Excitingly, the 4 qualification races will take places using a different car. These will be the 488 Challenge Evo, 599XX EVO, FXX K and 488 GT3 EVO 2020.

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4 CARS, 4 RACES: There are plenty of opportunities to prove yourself!

Both the 488 vehicles are exclusive for those who register for the series. SO, if you're looking to get hands-on with a very unique car, then make sure to sign up!

Nicola Boari on the issue of the exclusive cars said that "we like to give something special to all of our e-racers". However, he did go on to mention that making them universally available after the competition "could be an option for 2022".

Show some livery love

Along with an exciting opportunity for drivers to win various prizes throughout the season, Ferrari has added one more element to the series.

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HEAD IN THE GAME: You'll have to prove your skills with such strong competition!

This is the Car livery Contest, and will allow participants to show off their artistic skills.

As such, for those wishing to enter, a specially made website will take your livery entry. After this, fans will be able to vote on their favourite, with the most popular joining the game and being used for the entirety of the Esports Series.

How to enter

Registration opens tonight (March 16) at 21:00 CET, so 20:00 GMT. Entrants must be from Europe, including the UK.

To sign up, simply head over to, where the various steps needed to sign up will be displayed.

Entrants must also be over 18. We can't wait to see the action unfold this year, especially after last year's event saw us questioning who would win until the very end!

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