Oracle's Red Bull Racing partnership extends to Esports

Red Bull Racing unveiled their F1 2022 car last week with a flourish and that awesome #1 on the car.

One new feature to the classic Red Bull livery was the Oracle logo. The cloud tech giant is the new title sponsor of the Milton Keynes team, but the partnership isn't stopping there.

Oracle's leading technology will be put to use with Red Bull Racing Esports too.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports

The margins are tight at the top in Formula 1, but they are even narrowers in F1 Esports and sim racing. When pole position is determined by 0.005 seconds at nearly every race, the hunt for small gains is vital.

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Red Bull's already world-leading esports team will now be able to harness methods from Oracle's cloud infrastructure-powered analytics to chase victory on the virtual circuit. Drivers will be able to monitor and track their performance to find the next edge in sim racing.

A major step forward

the ability to gain more performance insights should aid Red Bull's esports drivers from F1 Esports to the V10 R-League and PESC.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Chief Marketing Officer Oliver Hughes said: “Our partnership with Oracle marks a major step forward for our world-class Esports programme.

Applying techniques and technology used in Formula One to give our incredible roster of sim racing talent an extra competitive advantage is a vital step in our mission to be the most successful sim racing esports team. We are always looking for ways to push beyond the boundaries and we are very excited about the potential of this partnership.”

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Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports driver and former F1 Esports Teams Champion Marcel Kiefer said: “Sim racing is one of the most competitive and intense esports on the planet. Drivers are constantly searching for ways to save those extra tenths on lap times and we are all excited at the prospect of Oracle’s technology supporting us in our training. I’ve seen a glimpse of the insight their incredible data analysis tools will give us, and all I’ll say is the rest of the grid better be ready because we are going to be on a different level this year.”

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