V10 R-League Red Bull Racing vs R8G Esports preview - Can Red Bull make the playoffs?

The last week of group action in the V10 R-League is here, and it is all to play for in Group A.

Inconsistency has plagued Red Bull's V10 R-League campaign, and now their playoff hopes dangle by a thread. Can they get the result they need to progress, or will R8G convert their promise into an upset win?

Raging bulls

A 4-0 loss, a 3-1 win, and a 2-2 tie. That's been Red Bull's V10 R-League season so far, and it has really been a headscratcher.

Their team lineup is strong, with the tactical knowledge from the first season and bags of pace in the lineup. It just hasn't quite come together for them. Can they change that?

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Both Joni Tormala and Graham Carroll have been vocal about how the team took a little bit of time is Season 1 before finding their feet. Perhaps the same thing is happening now. If it is, they only have one more chance to get settled and put the hammer down!

Improving every week

R8G has not yet registered a win in the V10 R-League, but their pace has been improving week on week.

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Thomas Petitjean seems to have found his comfort level with the monstrous V10 machine, and is starting to push the team forward. This was on show against Redline last week, as R8G gave the champs a closer run than they would have wanted.

Combined with Samuel Libeert's improvements and Erhan Jajovski's pace they are starting to become a formidible team.


Coming into the final week 2 points behind YAS Heat, Red Bull need a 3-1 win to claim a playoff spot as tie breakers are not in their favour.

In theory that is well within their ability, but given their inconsistency there is no guarantee. With nothing to lose, R8G will be going all out to claim a huge win in their final game of the season too, so Red Bull should expect no quarter from the Grosjean outfit.

Petitjean, Jajovski, and Libeert are more than capable of ending Red Bull's season here if they get everything right. They've shown storming pace around Monza in particular, a track where we know anything can happen.

Red Bull would be wise to veto the Italian track and take the safer route through Mugello or Spa.

Prediction: Red Bull 3-1 R8G Esports

How to watch

Fans in the UK & Ireland will be able to catch the whole match on BT Sport 2 at 3:30pm BST on Wednesday, 12 May.

Those in the USA can watch the action on ESPN3 from 6pm EST on the same day. Thanks to their expanded coverage, ESPN subscribers in the Netherlands, the Caribbean, Canada, Latin America, and Oceania will be able to watch the match the following day.

Check local listings for exact times!

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