Monza will see V10 R-League cars at their fastest

Season 2 of the V10 R-League is on the way and we can't wait to see these incredible cars fighting out on track again!

With new teams and a new format, there's a lot to be excited about.

The first-ever round of the V10 R-League took place at Monza and the Temple of Speed is back on the calendar for Season 2. Here's everything you need to know about Italy's incredible circuit!

Speed is king

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is one of motorsport's most prestigious and exciting venues. La Pista Magica is famed for its incredible high-speed nature, something the GRS V10R '20 excels at exploiting.

The drivers will be regularly topping over 200mph (320kph) down Monza's long straights. Most of Monza's straights are separated by chicanes, both high and low speed.

When the drivers are travelling so fast, the braking zones are long and encourage attacking moves. Passing isn't easy though, partly because the circuit is quite narrow, but also due to the low downforce levels that have to be run.

That being said, the slipstream is very strong here and the car behind can get a great run if they nail the Parabolica or the Ascari chicane. The main spot to pass though is Turn 1, a.k.a. the Rettifilo.

Monza v10 r league season 1 yas heat suzuki
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ON A KNIFE-EDGE: Any and all mistakes are punished around Monza

Other passing spots include the della Roggia chicane, Ascari and into Parabolica. Lap times will be around 1:20.000 in this race, depending on any wheel-to-wheel action of course!

Low downforce is a must

Straight-line speed is everything at Monza, so all of the teams will be running low wing angles. The drivers will need some downforce though, as this helps through the Lesmos, Ascari, and Parabolica.

The lowest downforce available will give the drivers as much straight-line speed and potential lap time as possible. However, this won't help the car's stability, particularly under braking, and therefore tyre wear.

Fordzilla Red Bull Monza
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PERFECTLY BALANCED: The cars will have to be setup perfectly to be fast in Monza

The drivers won't go too high with the wing angles though, or they won't be able to pass if they fall behind. It's a very fine compromise that the teams and drivers will be working hard to perfect before the race weekend.


Head-to-head contests are out for Season 2, so only the relay and team races remain. This won't change the strategy a great deal though, as we'll still see last-minute dives down the inside to try and win the races.

Monza is all about the momentum you carry through the corners. Doing so requires a deft touch on both the throttle and brakes. If you lock a brake or spin up the rear wheels, you'll be a sitting duck on the next straight.

If a driver is under pressure though, particularly in the relay race, we will see them guarding the inside line. This is the slower way to drive, but it prevents the car behind from overtaking.

Monza v10 r league crash season 1 red bull fordzilla
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WHEEL-BANGING: There are always clashes in Monza

With the slipstream being so powerful the dream scenario for each team is to have one car break away at the front. You need a decent gap (1.5 seconds or more) to truly "break the tow" around Monza, but if you can create that gap it's possible to run away out front.

Don't be surprised if in the team race we see some blocking tactics employed!

Monza has a tendency to produce surprises, such as Fordzilla beating Red Bull in Season 1. With gravel traps waiting to punish any mistake, it will be a brave team that picks Monza for a home race, but with all its history how can anyone resist?

How to watch Season 2

The second season of the V10 R-League will begin in April and be shown in more countries than ever before!

Season 1 went down a treat, and ESPN will be expanding its coverage of the V10 R-League for Season 2. ESPN will be showing the R-League in the US, as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Oceania for the first time!

BT Sport will continue air Season 2 in the UK, while StarzPlay will carry the series in the Middle East and North Africa.

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