V10 R-League: Our top 5 drivers in Season 2

BMW were champions, Aston Martin reached the final and Red Bull failed to reach the playoffs.

Season 2 of the V10 R-League produced plenty of drama and a few surprises along the way. With the campaign all wrapped up, it’s time to give the drivers some well deserved recognition.

Here's five names who’ve really stood out in the last few weeks.

1 Kevin Siggy - BMW

Undeniably, Siggy is BMW’s main man. Their talisman. And in Season 2, it’s probably fair to say that they triumphed largely thanks to him.

At times, the Slovenian seemed to be the one dragging his team over the line. His ruthless streak helped BMW shock everyone as they reached the playoffs, and he led from the front in their knockout wins against YAS Heat and Team Redline.

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But his moment of the series came in Yas Marina in the final against Aston Martin. Under huge pressure from Shanaka Clay throughout the last few laps of the team race, Siggy kept a cool head to stay ahead and secure the win - and the title.

2 James Baldwin - McLaren Shadow

Nobody, not even Siggy, could beat this guy off the line.

With his cat-like reflexes, Baldwin would nearly always storm off into the lead when the five lights went out - making him McLaren’s go-to driver in relay races.

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He was no slouch in team races either, where he'd often lead into turn one and control the field from the front.

In fact, if it wasn’t for a rare mistake in the Spa Francorchamps team race in McLaren’s semi-final bout with Aston Martin, there’s every chance he would’ve finished the season as a champion.

3 Lucas Blakeley - Aston Martin

Blakeley is as cool as they come.

The Scotsman’s calm and controlled approach to racing played a huge part in Aston Martin’s form this season.

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Brilliant with his teammates and a motivational force over the team radio, he's certainly embraced the essence of the R-League.

4 Michal Smidl - Team Redline

Team Redline boasted one of the best lineups in the R-League this season, but Smidl was probably a tier above his teammates Jeffrey Rietveld and Enzo Bonito.

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The Czech proved time and time again to be a terrific all-rounder; capable of producing lightning fast lap times and fearless when wheel-to-wheel with opponents. His best display came against Aston Martin in the crucial final match of Group A, where he consistently got the better of Blakeley and co.

5 Michael Romanidis - BMW

One of the biggest surprises of the season has been the steady improvement of Romanidis at BMW.

Having switched from last season’s finalists Williams to unfancied BMW, little was expected of the Greek youngster.

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However, while often playing the role as rear gunner to Kevin Siggy, Romanidis confidence behind the wheel grew as the season progressed, and he became a key component to their eventual championship triumph.

You can read our exclusive interview with Romanidis here, where he discusses his move from Williams to BMW and winning the V10 R-League!

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