V10 R-League Week 5 Results: Opmeer & Siggy put on a show!

The final day of the V10 R-League Group Stages got underway yesterday.

With so much still decide, each contest was as important as the last. There was entertainment throughout and we’re here to summarise it all for you right here!

Awesome Aston Martin

We began at Silverstone with the Relay Race, as Aston Martin’s Manuel Biancolilla led Emre Chian. Both drivers played their joker lap and stayed out for two laps. The gap continued to grow with Alejandro Sanchez and Simon Weigang, as Aston cruised to the first point of the tie.

In the Team Race, Sanchez kept his pole position, with Cihan staying second ahead of Biancolilla, despite Shaun Arnold’s advances. Arnold would get past and into second, but it was still advantage Aston. It stayed that way until the final flag, as Aston built a 2-0 lead.

We moved on to Belgium and Spa for the second Relay Race. Cihan led from pole, with Biancolilla tucked up right behind the Turkish driver. Biancolilla would power his way past at the Bus Stop, forcing Cihan to go into the pits. By the time the teams were back in sync, the gap had grown, and Aston again came out on top to lead 3-0.

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Aston got off to the perfect start in the Team Race. Biancolilla got another epic launch from the line to lead into La Source. This would prove decisive, as Wiegang’s P3 was enough for Aston to have a perfect 4-0 result.

Rapid R8G

Jiri Toman started on pole for R8G, but Michael Romanidis launched down the inside into Turn 1 at Mugello to lead the Relay Race. Williams stayed over a second ahead of R8G throughout the remainder of the race, but it wasn’t enough, as a penalty dropped Shanaka Clay behind.

In the Team Race, Williams occupied the front row, but it was four-wide going into Turn 1 and Williams lost out big-time. Contact saw R8G lead 1-2-3 out of Turn 1 and Toman leading the pack. This wasn’t an insurmountable position, a Marcell Csincsik flew into the gravel on the penultimate lap, tying the Team Race.

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At Monza for the Relay Race, Toman led at the start for R8G, but Romanidis and Williams kept close on the opening lap. It stayed close throughout, with Clay applying pressure on the final lap. However, Erhan Jajovski stood firm to give R8G a 2-0 lead.

R8G had the front row for the start of the Team Race, but Williams wasn’t taking that lying down. There was contact in the first corner again though, with Romanidis spinning out at to the back. R8G led 1-2 and Toman would make it 1-2-3 after Clay made another mistake. A 3-0 win for R8G sees them top Group A, with Williams dropping down to third.

Heat on fire!

We started again at Silverstone with the Relay Race, Alen Terzic started on pole for BMW, but Isaac Gillissen got the launch of a lifetime to take the lead into Turn 1.

The gap continued to grow, but a poor final stop by Heat allowed BMW a chance to attack. Phil Denes went for a move into Stowe, Eamonn Murphy resisted and just held it into Vale. Denes flew over the kerbs, he just missed out on a rare point for BMW.

In the Team Race, Gillissen and Marko Pejic led from the start. Despite squabbling behind, Yas Heat never looked in trouble in this race, as they led 2-0 overall.

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We moved to Monza for part two of this contest. Gillissen got a perfect start ahead of Terzic in the Relay Race. There was no repeat at the flag though, despite Denes efforts, it was 3-0 to Heat heading into the last race.

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Gillissen was in incredible form this weekend, with him leading from P1 once again at the Team Race. BMW was beginning to show cracks from the pressure though, Khan spinning down to last into the De La Roggia chicane. Terzic really got his elbows out for P2, with a gaggle of four cars fighting for the place. Murphy and Denes would spin out to the back due to this.

It was all too easy for Gillissen though, as he sealed another perfect weekend for Yas Heat, winning out 4-0 overall.

The stars put on a show

We began this titanic scrap at Silverstone and Enzo Bonito started on pole for Redline in the Relay Race. Jarno Opmeer was all over him at the start, getting into the lead thanks to a forceful move at Brooklands. Redline and Kevin Siggy would get the jump on Mercedes though.

In the final stops, Bono Huis had jumped Redline back. Jeffrey Reitveld hit Huis in the rear going into Copse, spinning the Mercedes man out. Reitveld finished first, but Mercedes got the point after the penalty was applied.

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In the Team Race, Redline had the front row but contact between Siggy and Huis shook the order up. It was still Siggy who led, but Opmeer was all over him. Another move in Brooklands saw Opmeer spin and take Siggy out, it was now Bonito who led the race. Bonito would hold this position, enough to tie the contest 1-1.

Next up is Spa, with Opmeer leading into La Source. Bonito tried a move up Eau Rouge, with disastrous consequences, as both drivers spun out. Opmeer recovered quicker though to lead by around four seconds. This was too big of a lead to overcome and Mercedes now led the contest 2-1.

Finally, we had the Team Race, and Redline occupied the front row. Siggy led Bonito and Opmeer would fly over the Les Combes chicane. Huis would get up to P2, but he couldn’t catch Siggy for the lead. Redline levelled the contest 2-2, a fitting end to what was an incredible tie.

Wildcard round

The playoffs are decided and both Redline and YAS Heat have booked their place in the semi-finals coming live from Abu Dhabi on 22 July.

But who will join them?

The winner of R8G Esports vs Aston Martin will take on Redline, while it will be Mercedes vs Williams to see who can book the place in the Abu Dhabi showcase against YAS Heat.

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