VELO ESERIES: Beat your Heroes Season 3 takes our celebs to some of the best tracks in the world (Sponsored)

The third season of the VELO ESERIES has provided plenty of entertainment during Bootcamp and the Masterclass, but now it’s time to get down to racing!

The trio of celebrities involved in Season 3 will be taking to the track against a grid filled of fans on three circuits in F1 2020.

Taking place on 3 April, what can we expect to see from the races? Let’s take a look at each track.

Circuit of the Americas

Lovingly known as CotA, the Circuit of the Americas in Texas hasn’t been on the Formula 1 calendar for too long but is already a fan-favourite.

With a fast, flowing opening sector that tests the nerve of any driver and plenty of dramatic overtaking chances it is a circuit that encourages battles.

COTA circuit
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There is plenty of run-off around the circuit too, making risky overtakes even more tempting!

Overtaking points

Turn 1 and turn 12 are the main overtaking points for Becky Evans, Elz The Witch, and the Mystery Guest, as they follow a DRS straight.

However, a good run out of the turn 3-9 section can create an opportunity at turn 11.

velo eseries article 3 image 1
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Turns 15 & 16 are tricky to get right, and it is a good spot to take advantage of a mistake.


The home of British motorsport, Silverstone is a track that needs no introduction and will only encourage wheel-to-wheel battling between our celebs and the challenging fans.

Formula 1 has seen plenty of amazing races at the circuit over the years, and the VELO ESERIES should provide another thriller.

Silverstone Circuit 2020
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The run from Copse down to Stowe is one of the most exhilarating in all of racing, while the newer section of track from the freshly-renamed Hamilton Straight into Brooklands has only added overtaking opportunities.

Overtaking points

The flatout run through Abbey and Farm makes Village a wonderful overtaking opportunity, just don’t out-brake yourself!

velo eseries article 3 image 2
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Brooklands is also a great overtaking chance as there is DRS down the Wellington Straight, while if you are disciplined you can snatch a place at Luffield as others run wide.

The best overtaking spot on the whole lap though is down into Stowe, where both the inside and outside move are viable.

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Located high up in Mexico City, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez only returned to F1 recently, but has hosted some cracking races.

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez 2015
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A track that can catch out the unprepared and also melt tyres, it takes a lot of skill to be consistently fast here.This is where the celebs Masterclass from McLaren Racing’s esports experts will really prove its value.

With a massively long start/finish straight and three DRS zones, Mexico favours straight line speed, but it also has a flowing esses section and a tight, twisty run through the old baseball stadium that requires precision and bravery.

Overtaking points

Turn 1 is the clearest opportunity, and you can come from a long way back with DRS too.

Turn 4 is also a good chance, and if someone doesn’t get the tricky chicane right then turn 6 can be a good place to pull a surprise move.

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There is only one line from turn 7-11, but a quick burst of DRS makes turn 12 a nice spot to overtake too.

Turn 13 is a tricky hairpin that can catch a lot of drivers out, leading to some opportunistic moves.


So we know the tracks, and we know Becky Evans, Elz The Witch, and our Mystery Guest have been put through their paces by the experts at McLaren Racing. All that is left is for the lights to go out and the racing to begin!

You can join Rory Reid and Matt Gallagher on the VELO Global YouTube channel at 3pm on 3 April for all the action.

Can the grid of 17 fans beat their heroes?

18+ only. This product contains nicotine and is addictive.

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