Yas Marina will test the all-round ability of the cars and drivers

Season 2 of the V10 R-League is right around the corner and we're hyped!

The most exciting and unique Esports series in the world is back with new teams, drivers and a revamped format. To get ready for Season 2, we're bringing you track guides for all of the series' circuits.

Today we bring you Yas Marina, the Emirati circuit that hosts the thrilling Season 1 finale last year!

What makes the UAE track special? Keep reading to find out!

Perfect mix of corners

The Yas Marina Circuit is a relative new boy to top level motorsport, having been completed in 2009. Since then, it's established itself as a premier venue for the fastest and most glamourous sporting events in the world.

Fordzilla V10 R League Yas Marina
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GLIDING OVER THE BUMPS: You need to be quick over the curbs for a fast time in the UAE

Yas Marina tests all aspects of the cars and drivers, as there are low and high-speed corners and well as long straights that require good top-end speed. Yas Marina is also one of the most beautiful circuits in the world too, as its scenic sunset views and stunning architecture bring life to the desert.

Overtaking isn't the easiest here, but it's always worth a stab if you're struggling to get past. Thanks to the circuit's ample run-off areas, you can attack and go for the move and survive to fight another day if it goes wrong.

The main passing spots are at the end of the two long back-straights, as they both end with slow chicanes and have long braking zones. It's possible to see overtakes into Turn 1, the Turns 5-6 chicane or Turn 17.

Low downforce is the flavour of the day

Yas Marina rewards a low downforce setup, because it is primarily comprised of long straights and low-speed corners. There are some high-speed corners that require downforce though, so that has to be considered when setting up the car.

BMW Yas Marina Circuit V10 R League
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FLYING INTO THE NIGHT: You need to be quick on the straights to be competitive at Yas Marina

High downforce though, does cost a lot of time down the long straights and leaves you vulnerable to attack from the drivers behind, particularly on the crucial first lap.

It's hard to say whether teams will go with low or high downforce, but we believe that low wing angles will pay the most dividends. However, what makes the biggest difference is the quality of drivers.


Only the relay and team races remain for Season 2, as the Head-to-head contests are out. Strategy shouldn't alter a great deal though, as we'll still see last-minute dives down the inside into the final corner and Turn 11 to try and win the races.

Yas Marina is all about rounding the slow corners in a such a way as to give you a quick exit onto the long straights. The Turn 7 hairpin and the Turns 8-9 chicane in particular are the key to a good lap time.

Drivers also need to navigate the final sector with incredible precision to avoid both the run-off and the walls on the outside of the circuit.

BMW Yas Marina Circuit V10 R League 2
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TURN ON THE LIGHTS: Things get intense when the sun goes down in the UAE

Strategy is interesting around Yas Marina, as pushing too hard often ends with the rear tyres screaming for mercy. There are some big traction zones like those out of the hairpin and the chicane between the two back-straights that are so important to get right and where you can gain a lot of time through.

Pushing the rears too hard though never ends well, as you'll be skidding around the low-speed corners in the final corners as if you were on ice. Drivers can push as hard as they want through the high-speed corners of Turns 2-4 and 15-17 though, as the front tyres don't take much of a pounding in Yas Marina.

If you want to see action from Season 1, check out the battle between Redline and Williams for the title, which was one of the most entertaining contents that the R-League has seen to date:


How to watch

V10 R-League Season 2 kicks off on Monday, 12 April.

Viewers in the UK can watch all the action from the best matchup of the week on BT Sport every Monday, with the remaining matches shown throughout the week!

Fans in the Middle East and North Africa can get all the action through StarzPlay.

ESPN will be showing the races to all those in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Oceania.

Make sure to check local listings and video-on-demand services for exact times!

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