F1 Manager 2022 car development EXPLAINED

No two teams in F1 create exactly the same car, and in F1 Manager 2022 car development will be entirely up to you!

As Team Principal it will be up to you where time and money are spent when it comes to upgrades. It will also be on you to make sure they mesh as one on the car and don't clash with one another.

Thankfully though, it doesn't look like you will need a motorsports engineering degree to understand everything!

F1 Manager 2022 car development

In a new video, Frontier has dived head-first into the world of car upgrades. Those packages of parts you always hear about teams bringing, postponing, or outright cancelling at race weekends.

While it all looks a little overwhelming and the screens are FULL of information, Frontier has once again done a great job at boiling down the kind of data teams look at into comprehensible figures for us fans to digest.

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In the example given of a front wing upgrade request you can push for high speed performance, better brake cooling, or airflow, and then see where the impacts are.

You could develop several different kinds of front wings, one for Monza and Baku, and another for Monaco and Singapore.

This all has an impact on other parts though, and that is also accounted for so you can see precisely what is happening with your car.

Resource management

As with other games, you have to manage your resources when it comes to upgrades. You can't just develop every piece of the car at once.

You'll have to allocate not just budget but also personnel for each part.

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You can assign more people to work on your new front wing to get it done faster, but then that new bargeboard will have to wait a bit longer!

You will also need to fabricate spare parts in case of a crash. Developing a new front wing and only taking one to a race is just asking for trouble.

Plan ahead

Like many backmarker and midfield teams, you can shut down development for the current season and put all your resources into research for the following season.

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With teams lower down the grid getting more wind tunnel and CFD hours, it could be wise to spend that time looking ahead, rather than scrabbling to just remain 14th on the grid.

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