Do you need a steering wheel to play F1 22?

F1 22 Steering Wheel Spa

F1 22 Steering Wheel Spa

The age-old debate of whether a steering wheel or a controller pad is better for racing gaming isn't one that's going away anytime soon. So, with that in mind, what about F1 22? Which is better? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Not all wheels are created equal

To answer the question in the title - no, you don't need a steering wheel to play F1 22. You can play using a controller pad, or, if you're on PC, a keyboard. We definitely wouldn't recommend the latter, but a controller isn't a bad option.

F1 22 McLaren Japan
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In a contrast to Formula 1 itself, the biggest difference to your performance in F1 22 isn't the machinery you're using. Your driving style and skill make a far bigger difference to your lap time than any setup could.

If you give an F1 Esports Pro a controller pad, they'll still beat almost anybody at the game, even if they're in a top-level gaming rig.

It is worth bearing in mind though, that gaming wheels vary hugely, with some costing thousands. Most will set you back around £100 and will make a marked difference to your performance compared to using a controller pad.

Does it really matter which you use?

If you're enjoying F1 22 on the pad and you're getting good results, why change?

A set of pedals and wheels won't make you as fast as Jarno Opmeer, but it will improve your lap times by a few tenths compared to using a controller pad.

F1 22 Silverstone
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This is down to the greater range in steering and control you can give while braking, accelerating and turning.

Something else that can improve your performance as well is ensuirng you have the correct difficulty settings enabled, as this can make a huge difference. Also, in general, the less assists you use, the fast in theory you can be.

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