F1 2020: A Beginner's Guide to modding on PC, Best Mods & more!

Modding on PC is one of the many features that players switch from console for.

However, it isn't as simple as downloading the mod and you're good to go.

Thankfully, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to mod F1 2020. Lets get started!

Ego ERP Archiver

This software will let you modify the game files of the game you wish to mod. In our case, that's F1 2020.

Make sure you scroll down and click on the most recent version of the ERP Archiver.

Ego ERp Archiver
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DOWNLOADS: Make sure to always download the most recent version!

Once downloaded, Ego ERP Archiver acts as a normal piece of software.

This is the first essential step to installing mods. Any mods you download without this software, you won't be able to use.

Once downloaded and opened, make sure you set the game directory as F1 2020. This will make sure to download mods to your F1 2020 game files.

Choosing a mod

There are many hundreds of mods for players to choose from.

Some change the aesthetic of the game, others alter the physics or add new elements to the game, and some are simply new helmets or liveries.

F1 2020 Mod Screen
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VARIETY: There are lots of mdos for you to choose from!

Some of the most popular ones are livery changers, but they're all available from here!

RaceDepartment has an awesome selection of mods, many of which are made by members of the community.

Downloading a mod

Next, it is time to download your mod of choice. This is simple enough, as you just need to hit download next to the mod you like.

This will then add the mod to your PC.

Now, you'll be able to move on to the next step and get ready to install the mod in the relevant location on you computer.

Next, open the mod and drag the manual installation folder to your desktop. This will contain the various folders with files of the mod.

Using the mod

Many people download mods to change the liveries in F1 2020's My Team.

To do this, you'll first need to navigate to the fom_car file in your F1 2020 game files.

This is found in F1 2020 > 2020_asset_groups > f1_2020_vehicle_package > teams > fom_car > wep.

F1 2020 Brawn GP
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F1 2020 MY WAY: Want to race as a Brawn? Now you can!

Double click this file, which contains the game's textures. Once opened in Ego ERP Archiver just click on the textures tab in the top left.

Now, depending on what your mod contains, you'll want to navigate to that title on the textures tab. For example, if you have a new number font to import, navigate to numbers under the texture tab.

After this, you'll want to highlight the number you wish to change, and then hit import at the top. Navigate through desktop to your manual installation folder where you should see another folder titled numbers.

Simply select the number 1, to replace the current texture. When you hit open, the folder containing the number 1 in the F1 2020 game files will open, and you'll simply need to hit save.

F1 2020 real sponsors
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IMMERSION: Many mods can help with immersion, such as real sponsors in MyTeam!

The PC will now tell you that the file already exists, do you wish to replace it? Simply hit yes to change to the modded number.

An important note for livery changes is that when selecting which MyTeam car to replace, you'll need to do so for each engine in the F1 2020 files.

If you know you're going to use the Mercedes engine, then you'll only need to change it in the MyTeam_Mercedes folder and so on with the various different manufacturers.

A massive thanks to The Slam Slider on YouTube for an incredibly informative guide!

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