F1 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Abu Dhabi is now a staple of the Formula One calendar, and an awesome track at that.

With three very distinct sectors, it requires a well-balanced setup capable of straight-line and cornering speed.

Let's jump into that setup now, and get you to the top of the podium in every race!


Due to the two long straights, any setup has to take this and cornering speed into account.

Abu Dhabi Aero
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For aero, we've gone with a front wing of 3 and a rear wing of 7.

This should provide enough downforce for the final sector and let you maintain a high speed for those straights.


For the transmission setup, we've gone with a rather common figure for the diffs.

Abu Dhabi Trans
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For the on-throttle diff we've gone with the standard 50% and 65% for off-throttle diff.

This should make sure you can rotate the car easier for those slower corners.

Suspension Geometry

This mixed setup is designed to build you a car ready for tight cornering and straight-line speed.

Abu Dhabi Sus Geo
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To this end, we've gone with camber values of -2.80 on the front and -1.20 on the rear.

This is coupled with the lowest toe values possible, 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


The softness of our suspension defines how aggressive we can be on the kerbs, and we need to hit them hard at Abu Dhabi. Go with 1 on the front and 4 on the rear.

Abu Dhabi Sus
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You can then pair this with anti-roll bars of 4 on the front and 8 on the rear for extra stability.

Finally, set your ride height at 2 and 4, this should be low enough to ensure maximum top-end speed.


Your brake setup is close to a very commonly used setup.

Abu Dhabi Brakes
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We've gone with brake pressure of 97% and brake bias of 50%. This should help avoid any lockups around the track.


Finally, we want to make an effort to avoid tyre wear and high temps in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Tyres
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We have 22.2psi on both front tyres and 19.5psi on the rears.

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