F1 2020 Advent: Giveaways, Daily Challenges, prizes & more!

The official F1 2020 Twitter announced earlier today that they will be doing an Advent calendar.

No, this one doesn't have a small piece of chocolate behind each door (although that would be cool!)

Instead, there are some awesome giveaways and challenges coming our way.

Let's take a look at these now!

Challenge #3

This time there is something very exciting on offer for F1 2020 fans.

The prize on offer today is a Fanatec CSl Elite F1 Set, which includes the game, wheel and pedal set.

To enter, all you have to do is guess the podium of today's F1 Esports race before 3PM GMT!

Challenge #2

The latest chapter of F1 2020 Advent has begun, and it's a pretty simple one. You can win a copy of F1 2020!

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You can win a copy of F1 2020 just by following @Formula1Game and retweeting their Day 2 challenge post.

If you haven't got a copy yet, or need a Christmas present idea then this is a great one for you!

Challenge #1

Today's challenge was tweeted not long after the initial announcement.

The challenge is entitled 'Flip It'. To complete this, 'simply' hold your controller upside-down.

You will have to record proof of you successfully completing the challenge, and then tweet it out using #F12020Advent.

You'll have to go for a 3 lap race, but you can do so at any track and in any car!

The prize for this first day's advent is a signed Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing cap and some F1 2020 game merch.

A big prize for a simple challenge... But, is it that simple? We sure have never tried driving with an upside down controller before, let alone a wheel!

Future Challenges

Each day on the advent calendar is filled with a different logo, be that a game, a team or a symbol.

For example, the 16 December has a silhouette of a car, whereas the 24 December has the Red Bull Racing logo.

It seems that the logos refer to either the prize or potentially the challenge.

As such, we recommend you keep an eye on the Formula One Twitter, and prepare yourself for some whacky challenges.

Who knows how big some of these prizes could get, so it helps to get your response in first.

F1 2020 China TN 1
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PRIZES: You could win some sweet Alfa Romeo merch!

There is one more day taken by Alfa Romeo, and one other space take by Renault. Could we see some more F1 signed merch up for grabs in the near future?

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