F1 2020 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Azerbaijan is another track circuit on the F1 2020 calendar.

With an incredible mix of high-speed straights and low-speed technical sectors, the track is a tricky one.

So, let's jump into a setup which should give you the best chance of grabbing a podium.


In order to maintain as much speed as possible for the long straight, you'll need to scrape off lots of aero.

Baku Aero
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We've gone with a front wing of 1 and a rear wing value of 5.

This higher rear-wing should help with traction out of the tighter corners on the track.


We need to make sure we manage the low downforce we get from the front wing.

Baku Transmission
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To do this, set your off-throttle diff at 55%. This should also help you get the car quickly through the middle sectore.

Finally, set your on-throttle diff at 50%. This is simply to maintain traction throughout the lap.

Suspension Geometry

For the bets race pace at Baku, keep your camber relatively high and keep a low toe value.

Baku Sus Geo
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We've gone for -2.70 on the front and -1.20 on the rear for camber.

For toe, we've got 0.08 on the front, and 0.23 on the rear. This should help keep your pace high along the straight whilst maintaining cornering ability.


As you'll need to be aggressive on the kerbs, you'll need a soft suspension setup. We've gone with 2 on the front and 4 on the rear.

Baku Sus
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Your anti-roll bars should be setup ready to corner fast, with a lower front anti-roll bar. We have 6 on the front and 9 on the rear.

Finally, thanks to the relatively smooth surface and long straights, you can have a low ride height of 2 on the front and 4 on the rear.


Due to the high speed of the circuit, all braking zones are exceptionally hard.

Baku Brakes
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As such, we've gone with a brake pressure of 95%.

To help combat potential lockups, we kept the brake bias neutral at 50%.


Our front tyres are relatively high, this helps with turning the car in. Keep the front right at 23.0psi, and put your front left at 23.4psi.

Baku Tyres
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Secondly, set your rear tyre pressures quite low to help with traction. We settled on 19.9psi for both of the rear tyres.

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