F1 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix Wet Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Bahrain is now an integral part of the Formula One calendar, and the track sure is growing on us.

We don't often see wet races in Bahrain, although the rain does like to fall after the event!

So, for those of you here who do experience a wet race in Bahrain, here's a setup you can use in your races for some great pace!


For wings, we want to make sure that there is enough downforce to maintain grip in the slippy conditions.

Bahrain Wet Aero
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We've gone with a value of 5 on the front wing and 9 on the rear wing.

This should keep the car planted throughout the lap without many issues at all.


For throttle, we've gone with 50% on-throttle differential and 65% off-throttle differential.

Bahrain Wet Trans
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This should allow you to put on throttle out of the corners without too much worry for spinning or losing control.

Similarly, with the off-throttle set at 65%, your corner entry rotation should be enough to maintain some decent pace through the track.

Suspension Geometry

Firstly, in suspension geometry, set your camber as -2.70 on the front and -1.10 on the rear.

Bahrain Wet Sus Geo
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Couple this with to of 0.06 on the front and 0.23 on the rear also.

This should maintain some straight line speed whilst also keeping some decent pace through the corners without losing out on too much grip.


For softness, we've gone with a front suspension value of 2 and a rear suspension of 3.

Bahrain Wet Sus
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Our anti-roll bars are softer than the dry setup at 6 on the front and 7 on the rear.

Ride height we've set quite high at 7 on the front and 8 on the rear. This should let you be rather aggressive on those kerbs to help pull you around the corner.


Brake pressure is a tad different in the wet, as we've gone with a high value of 85%.

Bahrain Wet Brakes
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This is paired with a bias of 52%. This should make sure you avoid as many lockups as possible, which can be lethal in the wet.


The pressures are a relatively standard wet setup for the F1 2020 season.

Bahrain Wet Tyres
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We've gone with 22.2psi on the front right and front left. We've paired this with rear tyre pressures of 19.9psi.

This is the best compromise of tyre wear over grip in our opinion.

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