F1 2020 Belgium Grand Prix Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

The Belgian Grand Prix, or Spa-Francorchamps as you may know it, is steeped in history.

Such an iconic track deserves nothing but the best in terms of performance in a race.

So, let's take a look at a setup which should leave you top of the field every time!


As Spa is a long, fast track, you'll need to maximise that top end.

Belgium Aero
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To do this, we went with a front wing aero of 2 and a pretty standard rear wing of 5.

This should provide enough downforce in the long corners to keep the car stable, whilst not sacrificing that straight line speed.


The transmission setup for Belgium is to help maintain the cars driveability through corners.

Belgium Transmission
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For on-throttle diff, go with a value of 52%, which should help maintain the car's stability.

Similarly, a 60% off-throttle diff should help you on corner entry, as the car should rotate easily.

Suspension Geometry

The fast corners at Spa require a very balanced camber setup.

Belgium Sus Geo
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For this, we've kept the values pretty standard at -2.90 on the front and -1.40 on the rear.

Straight-line speed remains a priority, however, so set your toe at 0.06 on the front and 0.20 on the rear.


The suspension setup has to be soft enough to ride the kerbs, whilst also being rigid to keep stability.

Belgium Sus Geo 1
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Set your front suspension at 1 and your rear suspension at 3, with anti-roll bars of 5 at the front and 9 at the rear.

Your ride height can be set at 2 and 4 thanks to the relatively smooth surface of the track.


Some of the faster sections of track lead into heavy braking zones.

Belgium Brakes
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As such, we need to maintain a higher brake pressure of 92%.

Couple this with a front brake bias of 52%, which should ensure that you don't lock up.


Tyre wear at Spa is relatively minimal, so we don't have to go crazy with any of our tyre pressure values.

Belgium Tyres
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Firstly, we have our front tyres set at 23.4psi.

Lastly, our rear tyres are slightly lower, at 20.7psi.

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