F1 2020 British Grand Prix Wet Setup: Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

As us in the UK know all too well, we don't often have the driest of climates.

We often see this in the British Grand Prix, where a wet race is all too often the case. There's not often a need to check your weather app in the morning.

So, with the rain inevitably falling, let's take a look at what setup we think you should be using to be competitive at a wet Silverstone GP!


We've gone with a very typical wet setup as far as aero is concerned, as Silverstone is a relatively balanced track.

British Wet Aero
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For aero we've got 5 on the front and 8 on the rear.

This should let you get the power on early enough whilst keeping grip in the rear.


For transmission, we've done what we can to avoid any unwanted wheelspin. This can easily ruin a race in the wet.

British Wet Trans
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For on-throttle differential, we've gone with 50% and off-throttle differential of 55%.

This should maintain the most grip whilst leaving the car driveable, and is a good compromise for in the wet.

Suspension Geometry

For suspension geometry we have front camber of -2.80 and rear camber of -1.10 degrees.

British Wet Sus Geo
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We've coupled this with toe values of 0.06 on the front and 0.23 on the rear.

This should keep the car useable through both the corners and the straights of the circuit.


In the wet, our suspension has to allow for the lower grip levels. As such, we've started with a softer suspension, with 2 on the front and 3 on the rear.

British Wet Sus
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In addition, we've got softer anti-roll bars. This means a value of 4 on the front and 8 on the rear.

Finally, we've got a high ride height of 8 on the front and 10 at the rear.


Brake pressure we run slightly lower than normal to avoid lockups.

British Wet Brakes
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For this, we have a brake pressure of 88% and a brake bias of 52%.

Thankfully, the brake setup above should keep the car stable in braking zones and avoid those pesky lockups!


Pressure are relatively standard when it comes to front and rear tyres.

British Wet Tyres
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For the front tyres we've gone with a pressure of 21.8psi.

Finally, on the rear we have a standard wet setup of 19.5psi.

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