F1 2020: China Grand Prix Setup, Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

The latest guide from us is for the omnipresent Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

There's a lot more to this circuit than meets the eye, a lot more than that main back straight for example.

This setup focusses on consistency for race pace, and should leave you top of the podium everytime.

So, let's jump into our setup guide for the Chinese Grand Prix!


You have to account for that long back straight as well as the numerous tighter sections of the circuit.

China Aero
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As such, we've settle for a front wing of 3 and a rear wing of 6.

This should give you the pace down the straights to compete but also maintain that downforce for the corners.


In order to maximise traction throughout the entirety of the lap, we went with a relatively low on-throttle differential.

China Transmission
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That means we put our on-throttle diff at 60% and off-throttle diff at 65%.

This should help with consistency throughout a single lap and the race as a whole.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension has been adjusted with the slower parts of the track in mind.

China Sus Geo
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As such, the camber is set at -2.70 at the front and -1.20 at the rear.

For the toe, we found that a figure of 0.08 on the front and 0.32 on the rear. Here we see a slight trade-off, as this allows for maximum pace on the long straight.


Given the orientation of the track, we've gone with a setup that should help maintain the life of the tyres, especially that front left.

China Suspension
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For this, we've gone with a front suspension of 2 and a rear suspension of 6. This is coupled with anti-roll bars set at 5 on the front and 8 on the rear.

The ride height has been set at 2 on the front and 3 on the rear. This should help you find pace around the varied track.


Unfortunately, China has some heavy braking zones around the track.

China Brakes
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As such, we have a figure of 95% for the brake pressure, which should help you slow the car easily.

We have a balanced front brake bias of just 54%.


The tyres can get exceptionally hot around China, so aim to keep them low.

China Tyres
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To achieve this, we have lowered the tyre pressures all around, with a front figure of 22.2 psi.

Similarly, for the rears, we have a pressure of 20.7 psi.

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